Media and influencers gathered over Zoom to celebrate the launch of the Aveda Botanical Repair range, and the event kicked off in the most Aveda way possible. Known for combining modern science with ancient Ayurveda healing, the breakfast began with a guided meditation session using the Aveda Shampure Composition Oil.

Brand Ambassador Elyse Knowles started by asking participants to rub the oil between the palms of their hands and breathe in the relaxing scent. Now that everyone was centred and enjoying a healthy vegan breakfast from Garden of Vegan, the main event could begin.

Botanical Repair is Aveda’s new vegan collection designed to repair damaged hair using the power of plants. The range took six years to develop in Aveda’s laboratories and now has been rolled out worldwide as a complete at-home range along with specific in-salon treatments.

Educator and Creative Lead for Aveda Australia Mathew Wickham explained how the range helps to repair the hair from the inside out. He asked guests to fill out a virtual poll to reveal insights on hair health. Most were shocked to find that daily tasks such as heat styling or swimming in chlorine can weaken the structure of the hair. If that wasn’t convincing enough, a simple strand test confirmed the poll results. Wickham asked guests to take a strand of hair and hold it taught between their fingers. If the hair stretched or even snapped, this was an indication that it could be in better health.

However, there was still hope for healthy hair thanks to Aveda Botanical Repair, and Elyse is living proof. Her hair was damaged due to colouring and environmental factors, but thanks to Aveda, it’s in much better condition.

Onto the science, the range works to repair the hair on three levels. Firstly, it restores the hair at a cortex level. The plant-derived bond-multiplying molecule goes below the surface of the hair to multiply bonds, strengthen and reinforcing hair integrity at the core.

Next, a macro green blend of avocado, green tea and sacha inchi smooth the cuticle to detangle and prevent breakage. Finally, Aveda’s protective active complex creates a botanical F-layer—an invisible water-resistant lipid layer that is made of a fatty acid that “seals” the surface of the hair cuticle—to help protect and shield the hair from future damage.

Available in the range is the Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner, Intensive Strengthening Masque in Light and Rich, and Leave-In Treatment.

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