Aveda has launched an important new campaign for the brand, debuting the Know What You’re Made Of campaign that speaks to Aveda’s rich and significant heritage, while also paying tribute to its modern and towering current stature. It focuses on Aveda’s founding principles, namely of using high-performing, naturally derived ingredients and distinctive aromas, abiding by a cruelty-free, no animal testing policy, and following an environmental mission, and marks the first major initiative in their 40th birthday celebration, to be formally acknowledged in October.

“We’re inspired by the provocative and heightened energy the younger generations and conscious consumers are bringing to the world, and their willingness to champion authenticity and ‘do’ over ‘say.’ This philosophy is the core of Aveda,” said Aveda Global General Manager Barbara De Laere about the new aesthetic. “This is why we want to join them via our mission of caring for the world we live in and our naturally derived products that align with their values.”

“As a global brand, we are continuously striving to create a positive impact,” she continued. “From our wind- powered manufacturing facility in Minnesota to our environmentally-friendly, organic farming partners in India, to an employee-organized Walk for Water in Japan, giving back is in our DNA. It’s a tribute to [Aveda founder] Horst Rechelbacher’s vision when he created our founding principles in 1978.”

The campaign launch will be comprised of a digitally-led journey targeted at consumers, who will discover important facets of the brand, share their own stories online and be able to purchase Aveda products online with ease. A social media-driven campaign will be situated on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, while an all-new website will take visitors ‘beyond the label’ to truly know and understand details of the product ingredients.

The campaign coincides with a local @avedaaustralia Instagram launch, which will become the ideal online location for the fashion-focused and ethically conscious consumer. The Instagram profile will provide a local hub true to the global Aveda values, supplementing their high profile international channels.

The campaign will also be a digital ad campaign, with new assets and imagery provided for salons and brand marketing. It will also serve as the theme for Aveda Congress, a premiere, biennial event that invites thousands of Aveda artists, salon owners and professionals from around the world to company headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, taking place in October.

The campaign images stay true to the brand’s core values, showcasing unique, authentic and diverse women with strong ideals as their stars. The theme speaks from a theoretical perspective in terms of self confidence and self esteem, but also to literally knowing what the products are made of – and how, something that continues to be pivotal in the Aveda culture.

The theme is prevalent when looking at the brand’s headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Situated on a 58-acre, National Wildlife Federation Certified habitat including honeybee colonies, the 276,000 square-foot facility houses over 700 employees, who are all deeply invested in the brand’s philanthropic mission, and treated to elements of wellness perks in their daily employment. In its manufacturing processes, ingredients and employment structure, the brand provides the utmost level of thought and care.

It’s these values that make up the full Know What You’re Made Of theme, celebrating 40 years of Aveda’s commitment to their consumers, employees and the planet at large. On their important milestone birthday. Aveda use this campaign to encourage consumers and professionals to look deeper, be confident, embrace innovation and put ethics front of mind all within one theme – what a gift.

For more information visit www.aveda.com.au