The legendary Antoinette Beenders, Aveda’s Senior Vice President of Professional Global Artistry, has unveiled her latest artistic masterpiece. The bright, enthralling editorial collection is titled the Revolution of Reinvetnion, as inspired by the Aveda Mission and aesthetically combining punk, teddy girl and 1950s French New Look.

“I was inspired by these eras of political activism, protest and female empowerment,” Antoinette said. “I have always believed that hair is the fashion of the body and the idea was to take classic techniques and market finds and to blend them with pieces from the newest catwalk collections in order to show that something old can look just as fresh and relevant as something new, and how both can be combined seamlessly to create a modern, contemporary and entirely relevant new hybrid look. All of the hair featured in this collection is either recycled or re-used, from techniques to actual hairpieces.”

Generally the collection has a message of valuing what exists and building on that, with naturally occurring fabrics solely used in the images to take this theoretical message into the practical.

“The World is currently in the midst of a new ‘Youthquake,’ where young people are rallying their forces and taking over the political mantle of the day,” Antoinette said. “Uppermost on their agenda is the protection of our planet and the desire to bring an end to the senseless destruction that we as a race have been causing it in recent decades. Climate change and global warming, the plastic waste that is polluting our oceans and the giant landfills that are endangering our natural habitats are all central topics in this new dialogue which has redefined the conversations amongst our youth.”

“The need to curb what many now view as completely unnecessary and unacceptable levels of consumption and in turn to limit the wanton waste that has come to define how life has been lived by most of us, at least until recently, is now being heralded as the most important political topic of the day,” she continued.

This political agenda translates to style and hair and beauty, particularly in responsible, healthy and conscious fashion, hair and beauty choices. A message of ‘buy less, buy better and buy to last’ is reflected in the pages of Vogue, celebrity style decisions, vintage fashion choices, Aveda as a brand and their all-new collection.

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CREATIVE DIRECTION AND HAIRCUT/STYLING: Antoinette Beenders, assisted by Michela Pezza

HAIR COLOUR: Bruno Elorrioroz

MAKEUP: Marco Antonio