On Wednesday night, fashion and beauty elite showed up to the runway feature of the season, taking their seats front row at a greenery-filled David Jones SS18 Collections Launch. Spring was the theme, with a renewed energy in the natural décor pervading the entire event, and a complementary fresh and simple hair look was the essential touch from Aveda. Subtle intricacies and overall hair quality spoke to the brand’s emphasis on both care and skill.

“This hair look is all about deep conditioned, beautiful, healthy hair and this is reflected through the lustre and shine that has been created, which is also a current demand we are seeing from consumers,” said Aveda’s Creative Director for David Jones, Terri Robertson-Kirkwood. “We are seeing a trend for hair that is simplistic, as well as a desire for visually healthy and shiny hair. The Aveda styling products used help sustain this health and shine on the runway, regardless of hair type or texture.”

Commercial fashion and must-have, salon-ready, consumer-friendly hair hit the runway and set the trends for what’s to come over the next six months. It is essential that you get the look, below.

  1. PREP use a coin-size amount of Aveda’s Daily Hair Repair this leave-in treatment will instantly repair and protect from heat styling. Run the product through mid-lengths and ends.
  2. Spritz damp hair with Aveda Thickening Tonic for finer hair, to create a fuller style OR use Aveda Volumising Tonic on all other hair types to help build body and add shine.
  3. STYLE with 2-3 pumps of Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam and distribute evenly. This will create weightless body and volume for your blow dry.
  4. Using an Aveda Paddle Brush blow dry the hair away from the face. PRO TIP: Choose a slow-speed with high heat to give more control and help you create a smooth blow dry with less flyaways.
  5. Take a section from the front hairline to the crown and hold (about 5cm wide), while leaving out the first centimetre across the hairline. Spray the section you are holding with Aveda Control Force Hairspray until the hair is damp.
  6. Brush through hair spray and lay flat on top of head, then secure with section clip. Take remaining hair at hairline and spray with Aveda Control Force Hairspray and twist, then secure with same clip.
  7. Tuck remaining hair behind ears and brush to smooth hair down at the back. Use a pea size amount of Aveda Split End Repair to the ends of your hair to add extra polish, binding any split ends back together for healthy, touchable hair. Once dry gently remove the clip. The strong hold hairspray will keep your twist in place.
  8. FINISH by spritzing entire style with Aveda Sun Care Hair Veil to add sun protection and extra shine to the hair.

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