Premier Sydney salon, Bauhaus Hair, is welcoming its most significant development since founding in 2009. Bauhaus Hair has been acquired by industry stalwarts Alexander and Rebecca Fuchs, bringing their long and storied family hairdressing history to the iconic salon, writes McKenna Uhde.

Rob Aubin, owner of Bauhaus Hair and CEO of La Biosthetique hair and cosmetics, has announced that the Fuchs family will be taking over Bauhaus Hair salon operations and ownership as of April 1st. The Fuchs family and La Biosthetique hold a prominent and longstanding relationship, which has made for an easy transition in introducing the new salon owners.

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with the Fuchs family here in Australia,” Rob shared. “With the significant history between Fuchs Hair Team and La Biosthétique in Europe, we hope to build on this for many years to come.”

The new managing team of Bauhaus comes from an exceptional family with hairdressers spanning three generations. Alexander and Rebecca are the youngest of these generations and the latest in a line of famous international hairdressing names. The Fuchs family began its hairdressing venture in Switzerland in 1955 when Hans Fuchs founded the family business. Hans’ son, and Alex and Rebecca’s father, Thomas, carried the Fuchs name and expanded the business to five salons across Switzerland. Thomas later became head colour educator for La Biosthetique and a lecturer at the Corporate University of La Biosthetique, which established the Fuchs-La Biosthetique relationship. In 2011, the Fuchs Hair Team opened a Sydney academy for the training and further education of its employees in partnership with La Biosthetique. This new Waterloo salon is the most recent step in the relationship between the two brands.

Thomas, Rachel and Alexander Fuchs

“After growing up in our salon family business in Switzerland, we’ve spent the past nine years here in Australia representing La Biosthetique brand,” explained Alexander. “Now I feel absolutely thrilled about bringing both brands together.”

True to the established relationship between Fuchs and La Biosthetique, Bauhaus Hair will be renamed Fuchs Hair and will serve as a training space adjoined to the La Biosthetique Académie.

Alexander Fuchs, Rachel Fuchs and Rob Aubin

“Owning a salon and continuing my role as La Biosthetique Education Manager – looking after our clients, guest artists and educators- is the best of both worlds,” said Alexander. “Alongside my sister, Rebecca, and my father, Thomas, we’re looking forward expanding the family salon business to its sixth location. Don’t be surprised if there are more to follow.”