In 2020, a new tier of necessity for self care was created and Sydney’s latest beauty offering is answering the call. Slow House is a newly launched self-care space that builds a calm, unique and spiritual environment to promote tranquility and allow clients to step away from life’s stresses in their little haven off Bondi Beach, Sydney’s unofficial wellness centre.

Located in the health hub of Curlewis Street, the restorative space takes from its title to ask clients to slow down for true rejuvenation, as curated specifically for conscious self-care. The soothing space aims to decelerate modern life with sessions that step away from the fray and focus on the internal. Services such as infrared saunas, omnilux revive LED treatments, traditional coal saunas, ice baths, scrubs and slim and shape boosters allow for self-care at its absolute optimal.

Clients are provided with a private suite, sauna and body scrubs and oils for these self-care holistic therapies. The studio was created by Tash Higham and Jody Coggan within the difficulties of 2020, born from the mindset of the extreme need for peace, balance, meaning and wellness, with the hope of helping people make conscious decisions to slow down and focus inwards as a lifestyle choice. The recently opened space has already seen from visits from influencers such as Pip Edwards, Casey James and Lucy Brownless.

The space also reflects classic Roman bathing culture, offering the chance to detoxify individually or with friends. In aesthetic, the Slow House is light and modern, presenting a sense of calm and reprieve the second you step through the door, and promoting true reflection within that.

In specific services, Slow House offers the feature Signature Slow, a 75-minute session comprised of the space’s coconut scrub, sauna experience and Oway Slim and Shape Booster, to ensure the client leaves revitalised and rejuvenated. Finally, Omnilux LED light therapy is placed over the face for a final glow to help increase the synthesis of collagen to the skin. This is time given to totally relax, with tablets and streaming services offered for the saunas with in-built speakers as a modern technological touchpoint. Patrons can choose to unwind, meditate or work out in this space for a uniquely relaxing and immersive experience.

Slow House’s Fire and Ice service pairs a heated sauna session with ice baths, where technology helps the baths cool to a chilly 6 degrees, healing the mind and ridding the body of toxins. Sessions can be booked individually or as a pair, and there are memberships available for various combinations of treatments, sessions and experiences per week, as well as one-time bookings.

A new exercise in one of 2020’s most pivotal lessons – the importance of self-care – Slow House is a retreat in the midst of Bondi’s iconic reverie, that asks for meaningful contemplation and a conscious focus inwards, if only for a few precious moments. Indulge yourself.

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