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bhave Celebrate Their 8th Birthday

Aussie haircare brand bhave is celebrating eight successful years, based on an iconic keratin smoothing service that has been built into a full product empire. With technology, innovation and a stellar company DNA continuously buoying them, the sky is the limit as they hurtle towards a decade of business.

bhave’s current status as a diverse supplier of hair care products may be a mystery to some. The brand started in 2011 as a quickly iconic provider of keratin smoothing products, as well as the complementary shampoos and conditioners that supplement this service, and has now grown to include unique intense repair salon treatments. These formulas are renowned for their ability to penetrate the hair shaft to bind, rebuild and restore the core structure of damaged hair. The result is more elasticity, movement, strength and shine for previously brittle tresses.

The brand is based around their willingness to give product users the confidence that comes with glowing hair and simply good hair days. Active ingredients and a unique selection of peptides, vitamins, oils and butters are specifically chosen to effectively cleanse and condition the hair, while imbuing it with the important qualities based on true hair health. These properties work similarly to skincare to truly treat the hair, and salons don’t need to purchase the keratin technology to offer the retail products as instant retail shelf must-haves.

The bhave community is largely built by loyal followers and salon clients spreading the word and championing its striking packaging and winning formulas to expand the business. As it reaches this eighth birthday it is undergoing an international expansion as well, working with partners to encapsulate this Australian charm and have it wow global fans.

The intimate brand credits its team, vision and passion for hair in its success and positive outlook for the future, harnessing the powers of every day Aussies who set forth to make a difference in the world of hair and have succeeded in that eight years down the track. As such, the unified group live by the motto and old African proverb, ‘if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together’, which sums up its family-style brand essence.

As we wish happy birthday to bhave, let’s raise a glass to local companies that are going far by putting the focus on hair health, efficient ingredients and a solid, thriving, national brand community. Sounds like the ingredients of success to us.

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