The old adage is that blondes have more fun, but honestly Billie Eilish’s trademark dual-tone neon green roots with dark ends looked pretty fun to us. Even so, the songstress broke the internet and went blonde in these last few weeks, and now she ‘s shared that complicated process to her over 80 million Instagram followers.

Before, via @billieeilish

Billie’s iconic former look was her staple colour for two years and has even had important connections to her mental health, with the singer saying its long lease as her look was connected to “mental stability and growth”. The new blonde look follows the recent release of her documentary, titled A Little Blurry, and marks, in her words, “the end of an era” and “a new era”.

The new look debut ushered in this new era, immediately following her pivotal win at the Grammys and hitting Instagram on March 18 to the tune of over 22 million likes and 355,000 comments. The post reached one million likes in just six minutes, becoming the fastest picture in the history of the platform to accomplish this feat. The reveal made headlines around the world, on major news, beauty and fashion sites.

Presented as a platinum blonde look with a trending shaggy fringe and some choppy length past her shoulders, the look certainly made an impact with fans.

After, via @billieeilish

The change took up to two months to facilitate, with Billie and hairdresser Lissa Renn starting the process on January 15. In this time, Billie wore a wig during the gradual transformation process (or, a wig and hat to the 2021 Grammys), so that she could share the full reveal when the look was totally ready.

Due to the dual-tone shade she had beforehand, her evolving colour was varied during the process, with the previously black sections flitting between brown and red and the formerly green roots reaching silver blonde quicker.

Billie has now gone fully behind the scenes and lifted the proverbial curtain, sharing every step of this process and showcasing her wig and intermediary colour on her Instagram story, all with date stamps.

Lissa has also shared that just taking the black colour out of her hair was a six week commitment, and a strict hair care regimen and patience were key in maintaining hair quality and preventing damage at this time. Billie says her hair is now healthier than it’s been in a long time.

This all-new colour and style is both a dynamic new chapter for Billie, and a sense of coming home to her literal roots, as she is a natural blonde. In the hair salon community, we can all appreciate some key themes on this hair transformation journey – the transparency around the time, length, patience and work in these major hair transformations, the noted priority of hair quality in creating aesthetic change and the extreme connection between hair and identity that we facilitate everyday.

With this bold change and a shining light on the process behind it, Billie is championing the power of hair and the necessity of professional hair service. Let that forever break the internet.