If you’re looking to be on set in film, TV and stage, working your hair and makeup skills to perfection to help a production come to life, Box Hill Institute in Melbourne had launched the ideal course for you. After graduation, students of the all-new Diploma of Screen and Media will secure a variety of important skills to offer them these opportunities in a glamorous field.

“The course is offered in our creative CBD hub and will teach make-up and hairdressing to create complete looks to brief,” said Box Hill Institute’s head of hair and beauty, Ruth Browne. “Anyone wishing to break into this field will be fully equipped by our course, which will cover special effects, prosthetics, photography, hair and wigs.”

The various skills taught will include are film day and evening make up, wounds and injuries, historical make up and facial hair, and postiche design and aging make up. The course will ensure students are ready to work on the faces and tresses of newsreaders, on-air talent, fantasy characters and more.

“Students will build a career-ready portfolio after working on in-class photoshoots and on 260 hours of work placements. They will understand professional protocols of working on set; things like confidentiality and respecting needs of the talent as they prepare for their roles,” Ruth said. “This new Diploma will be a great launch pad for school leavers and ideal for career changers who want to work in creative industries.”

The course will be ready for term 1, February 2020, as taught by a team of respected industry practitioners. Applicants for this full-time course need no prior experience but must have successfully completed Year 11, be at least 17 years of age and have clear communication skills.

Educate yourself and elevate your skill in this exciting industry and then it’s straight to Hollywood!

For more information visit www.boxhill.edu.au