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Box Hill Institute Focuses on Barber Education

With a renaissance in men’s hair taking over the international industry, barbering and men’s hair education is more paramount than it has been in decades. The Box Hill Institute is more than keeping up, with Sam Diab and Kate Feutrill as masters of the craft and barbering educators leading the next generation of men’s hairdressers at the facility. 

Sam has been a barber for over 25 years, having started at his father’s barbershop in Lebanon. He has owned his own barbershop in Melbourne since 1997, titled The Grooming Lounge Barber.

“Barbering was more difficult without today’s technology leading to barbers with more diverse and adaptable skills,” he said of his experience. “I want to pass my knowledge to the next generation like my father did, so a legacy lives on through my students.”

Sam’s father taught him traditional techniques such as manual hand clippers, scissors and cut-throat razor skills and Sam has continued this legacy. He has trained barbers in recent years and made the finals of the Barber Konnect competition. He now can make his mark at Box Hill.

Kate trained as a hairdresser and barber in the UK 20 years ago and owns The Flair Lounge in Doreen outside of Melbourne, which specialises in both male and female hair. She has gained a reputation as an exceptional men’s hairdresser and educator.

“I really enjoy making men feel good about themselves, I love doing women’s hair too, but the edge is in barbering,” Kate said. “The conversation is very different. We can follow each other’s footy teams and we have so much more connection due to the greater frequency of their visits.  It’s like catching up with a good mate every month.”

“We are so lucky and I want to nurture this for our future, give clients a service that makes them want to come back,” she continued. “I want to train barbers to keep that going and make barbering a unique and warming experience. The barbers I train will be present and be aware that they are holding a client’s very well-being in their hands and if they understand this and have what it takes, they will be great barbers.”

Opportunities for barbers in Australia are on the rise, and top-tier education, such as at The Box Hill Institute only enhances this growing market. Box Hill Institute offers barbering training to apprentices and full-time and part-time course options.  Qualified hairdressers can complete only five subjects to gain a Certificate III in Barbering.

For more information visit or call 1300 BOX HILL

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