Instagram has been delivering hair colour, style and texture trends to us for years, and we should have known that Gen Z favourite TikTok would eventually get in on the hair trend action. The hair trend of choice making an impact at the moment is perms for men, or “boy perms”, which sets the 80s style and transformation to bass drops and making it totally trending for guys in quick, digestible videos.

@antwontonso I got a perm…. ##perm ##goodthing ##fyp♬ just did a good thing – lucaselvis

Under the #perm hashtag on TikTok, a major subsection of boys and men are opting for curly hair transformations as captured for the platform. The hashtag has collectively accumulated over 300 million views, so there are major eyes on the look.

@nikkopapiwayIf y’all didn’t know, I can do perms! Shoutout @dyn.nick for the help! ##filipino ##foryou ##asian♬ Walk But In a Garden – Llusion

The before and after videos are pushing guys to be dynamic and versatile with their hair, texture and style choices, making headlines around the world, accumulating views and bringing joy to hundreds of millions of TikTok users.

Help your male clients adopt the trend, and maybe even upload it to discover the viral power of TikTok and just how salons can wield this new social media obsession.