Heat styling experts Cloud Nine present your new perfect pair, in a set of dual ranges specifically targeted to your professional needs and, conversely, those of your clients. Welcome The Sericite Collection and its sister set of tools, The Alchemy Collection.

Cloud Nine have built a brand in understanding both professional style and the needs of consumers, and now those simultaneous focuses have ushered in two new exclusive collections that intelligently cater to both markets.

Introducing these two new launches, the professional Sericite Collection and its retail counterpart The Alchemy Collection, which are looming as essential new tools for the kit and shelf respectively.

The stylist exclusive Sericite Collection offers industry-leading styling tools that the brand expects to be wielded by expert hands and that take style to new lengths. The collection is developed with Kinder Styling Technology as specifically engineered for professional use, delivering style and quality confidence to both the hairdresser and their client as industry-leading innovations.

The collection is comprised of a Sericite Original Iron, Sericite Wide Iron, Sericite Curling Wand, Sericite Touch Iron, Sericite Airshot Hairdryer and Sericite Professional Kit, which includes one of each of the Sericite tools.

The hero tool within this range is The Original Iron, which offers smoothing, curling, waving and straightening capabilities on all hair types at varying temperatures. A feature facet of this tool is its unique black plates, which incorporate patented heat technology and are cushioned to reduce pull and prevent further damage.

The Wide Iron also offers hero capabilities, including extra-wide, cushioned ceramic plates that help to smooth, curl or straighten all hair types, without pull or grip. This tool is particularly well suited for very long, very thick, or naturally curly hair, working to reduce styling time and creating sleek and smooth results on previously unruly tresses. The collection in full translates this stellar technology and innovation to the whole smart group of tools.

The consumer-focused Alchemy Collection passes on the Midas touch to your lucky clients, as a salon exclusive gift set finished with rose gold embellishments. The comprehensive group of products offers your clients top-tier quality and a variety of styling options for them to maintain their hair looks, create styles and learn new tricks at home, as purchased from your retail shelf.

This group of tools includes the Alchemy Original Iron, Alchemy Wide Iron, Alchemy Curling Wand Alchemy Touch Iron and Alchemy Airshot Hairdryer.

Cloud Nine prides itself on empowering and embracing individual styling power, proving this to a tee with these tailored sets of synchronised hair tools. The brand drives to exceed expectations and elevate standards through innovation and better choices, building up hairdressing skills and potential and aiding consumer ease in this endeavour.

Predicated on the simple principle – ‘one for you, one for your clients’ – The Sericite and Alchemy Collections are here to revolutionise professional and consumer style as we know it. Choose your weapon wisely.

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