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Cloud Nine Launch Curling Wand at Valonz

Cloud Nine celebrated the launch of their latest curling wand with a private styling session hosted by Haircare Australia ambassadors and hair superstar Renya Xydis and Lauren McCowan at Renya’s iconic salon, Valonz, writes Ida Almasi.

This versatile wand features a 25mm super-smooth, mineral infused, coated barrel which leaves hair looking smooth. The variable temperature control allows users to choose the heat best suited to the particular hair, for gentler styling and lasting results. The tool has a sleek all-black design, and comes packaged in a luxurious heat resistant bag for on the go use.

Over a glass of champagne in the upstairs room of Valonz laden with hand painted florals on every inch of the walls, Xydis and McCowan answered all of our questions on how the Cloud Nine Curling Wand is a styling game-changer.

INSTYLE: What makes the Cloud Nine Curling Wand stand out from the rest?

Renya Xydis: The Cloud Nine Curling Wand is the perfect all-in-one tool, I love the versatility it can create, from big bouncy curls, to low-key waves. You can achieve different looks just by using the heat control setting. With this tool being smaller than the other Cloud Nine curling tools, I can use it to style hair at the roots, adding volume. It’s also the perfect size tool to carry when travelling for work or leisure!

INSTYLE: What is your favourite look to create with the curling wand?

Renya Xydis: Personally, I prefer to add flicks and subtle waves around my roots and face. Depending on the brief, but if I am working with a model and have free rein, I can’t go past glamorous, big waves. I’d section the hair off and curl hair from the roots to the ends, using the Cloud Nine Paddle Brush to gently brush out curls for a voluminous, natural finish.

INSTYLE: Is there a specific hair type the curling wand is best for?

Lauren McCowan: Definitely not! The key benefit of the Cloud Nine Curling Wand is the heat control settings. This allows the tool to work with each unique hair type; thin, thick, short, long etc. If you are worried about putting stress clients’ hair with regular heat, you can use the Cloud Nine Curling Wand to create strong holding waves which last two days and only require a low temperature touch-up for the third day.

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