We’re going to try very hard to get through this article without saying ‘YASSS QUEEN’ (already failed), but it’s difficult when four certified female legends of the hairdressing industry are uniting for a follow-up education tour, beginning next week. The Colour Queens 2018 workshops are pretty much the Spice Girls reunion concerts of the local hairdressing industry, bringing four educators together in a dynamic display of creativity and knowledge.

Monique McMahon

Hosted by International educator Grant Norton (Chester’s Wife Rose), the engaging education is presented by QUE Colour expert Monique McMahon, award-winning global educator Kristina Russell of Edwards and Co, Chumba Concept Salon’s leading colour educator Belinda Keeley and the social media savvy balayage specialist Mia De Vries of Fox and the Hair. The four women bring their own experiences, insights and opinions into a show that provides a multitude of perspectives that students can listen to and pick between.

“We were warned that collaborations like this have been tried before and wouldn’t work. All this did was fuel us to shine brighter than ever, and give our attendees something never experienced before,” Kristina shared. “This is a collaboration of passionate female hair colourists, teaching techniques on real clients, in real time with no pre-done work.”

The Queens travelled the country in their acclaimed 2017 series, and are back in 2018 with dates including February 19 in Melbourne, April 23 in Sydney and September 17 in Auckland, New Zealand. The educators will create 8 looks between them in each session, achieving each colour look on stage from start to finish.

Hair by QUE Colour Academy

Not connected to any particular brand or agenda, the Queens simply deliver hands-on education, allow students to ask questions and learn in an intimate way and share their incomparable and varied experiences over the course of the day. Each educator has her own approach to technique and application, with classic and innovative freestyle colour, freehand painting and foiling all covered. They will also teach how to translate their techniques for your salon, business building tips, trend forecasts and relevant, daily colour tips.

Fast-paced, fun and vibrant, the four Colour Queens live up to their title and revolutionise hair colour education for 2018 – we think the YASSS is implied.

For more information and tickets visit belindakeeley.com