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Comfortel Launches Must-Have Hair Brush Cleaning Tool ‘Presto’

It’s great to be reminded that we’re living in the future the Jetsons promised us, including all the cool contraptions that make life that much easier, and that extends to the salon world. Comfortel’s new and innovative Presto tool is an electric tool that removes hair from brushes in seconds, providing a quick and easy solution between appointments for this often unenviable task.

The electric brush cleaner makes it easy to remove hair from hairbrushes in no time, prioritising hygiene and cleanliness with efficiency. The tool has been designed by Comfortel, using Patent Pending Cyclonic Cleaning Technology, so hairdressers must simply insert the brush into the tool to make the hair vanish. It works by rotating synthetic fibres that efficiently collect the hair and hair product particles from the brush. The hair and product particles are ejected and trapped in the removable canister. It also helps prevent the build-up of hair product and stubborn debris that is often hard to remove. The smart tool leaves the brush free of hair with the ability to sterilise it, and all the hairdresser needs to do is empty the canister when it’s full.  It’s also  gentle on bristles and won’t destroy expensive hair brushes.

As you would come to expect from Comfortel, the table top pod is also stylish, with modern curves and an ergonomic shape that make it actually add to your modern salon look, not detract from it.

The possibilities for hairdressers are endless – allowing you the opportunity to forgo an irritating chore to instead practice your craft, or sit down for five minutes for that well-earned cup of coffee (imagine). It also ensures your important hair tools are kept in top condition, and promotes cleanliness in the salon.

Efficiency, innovation and style – we wouldn’t expect less from Comfortel.

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