Modern technology never stops ceasing to remind us all that we’re living in the future, and the salon industry, in this case particularly its furniture sector, is completely in that futuristic phase. Comfortel have released their very new-age Colour Table, which acts as both a charging station and feature salon piece.

The feature elements of the table offer wireless charging stations to suit smart phone models with inductive charging technology, making it the ideal table for 2019. With all your clients rushing into your salon with work to be done (and Instagram feeds to scroll), inevitably on 10 per cent battery, they’ll be thanking you when they can put their phone down on the table for an instant charge. Beyond the wireless capabilities, the table can be fitted with power points in the centre panel or side of the table for all charging needs.

Beyond its technological capabilities, the table is made with an ash timber look to be a salon centre piece, made to fit 4 to 6 clients in a narrow, slender fit built especially for salons. The piece can become the basis for your entire salon aesthetic, with Comfortel’s many trends available to inspire your design eye.

With a natural, modern look to suit a variety of salon styles, Comfortel’s new Colour Table is an aesthetically pleasing, efficient and technologically savvy solution to suit both your plugged in clients and your salon look.

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