Partnering with Haircare Australia is more than just taking a product line or several on board, it’s joining a family, building professional development and involving yourself and your salon in our national industry as a whole. Here we explain why.

Haircare Australia is truly built by hairdressers to cater to our professional industry, with the professional hairdresser and salon front of mind and unrivalled business partnership and customer service offered to truly invest in the businesses they partner with. The company offers exclusive, leading and salon-only brands such as Lakmé, Evo, Moroccanoil, Cloud Nine, Olaplex, Reuzel, Denman, Neuma, Verb and Mydentity, buoying them with social media and marketing initiatives fit for our modern industry.

The company was born over 50 years ago as created by founders Geoff and Jan Gauvin, with an initial commitment to the professional, wholesale market, and with a business made to service South Australia and the Northern Territory alone. With the addition of their sons, Garth, Ward and Brad, to the business, and a distribution growth nation-wide with now over 20 brands under the umbrella, the company became a major family affair. Soon they were importing to New Zealand and the United Kingdom as well, and manufacturing Evo, their own brand.

“Family has always been the centre-stone of Geoff and Jan’s efforts and I’m privileged to be their son and to be able to work in this business alongside of them, along with my two brothers Garth and Ward, but also the wonderful people who make up Haircare Australia,” Brad, who is now International Sales Director for Evo, said.

“Family businesses are typically robust yet caring environments. They’re less structured and less formal than corporates, but this allows us to be more dynamic, highly responsive and adaptive to evolving environments,” Garth, HCA Marketing Director and founder of Evo, added.

“We’re not bogged down by red tape or frivolous with resources, and most importantly for the hairdressing industry, we’re not faceless. 80 per cent of our suppliers are family run business – we are like one big family,” he continued. “Real industry innovation tends to come from small family businesses that have great success with the brands they develop, this has and will always be the case. We travel the world, sourcing the latest brands for the Australian hairdressing industry, and so have been lucky enough to gain distribution of some incredible, innovative family-owned brands including Evo, Moroccanoil, Olaplex, Denman and Cloud Nine to name a few.”

The business has grown to employ over 200 staff across the company’s offices, warehouses, cash and carry shops and sales and education teams around Australia and in New Zealand. The company also debuted a new facility in 2016, anchoring the brand at its locational core in Adelaide and offering workshops, lectures, presentations and all operational requirements.

“There have been so many people, both staff and clients, who have contributed to Haircare and supported our growth,” Garth said. “This is our way of giving back to each and every one – facilities for our clients and staff, whilst building our culture. It’s also an opportunity to show how serious we are and how we’re really investing in what we’re doing. Not to mention, a great place to bring international guests and our core Australian customers. This industry is an extension of our family and we are so proud of it; we want to protect and grow it because it’s our livelihood and our security for the next generation.”

The company is proud to provide technical and creative support, and to aid in the professional development of their salons with leading education. Inspiring imagery, content and marketing support is also synonymous with the company while dynamic industry and network events define their culture as well.

Garth, Ward and Brad Gauvin


“Education has and always will be a key priority for HCA. Our comprehensive education program is segmented into three parts: Core, Business and Professional Development, and Underground Education” explained Ward Gauvin, director of education and sales. “Core is dedicated to the more traditional, in-salon and studio-set education and looks to HCA’s ‘It’ brands (Lakmé, Evo, Cloud Nine, Evo Fabuloso Pro, Moroccanoil, Olaplex and Reuzel). The Business and Professional Development education offering focuses on the needs and goals of salon owners and stylists seeking opportunities to network, develop their business acumen and personal skills. The perfect starting point for young salon owners, entrepreneurs or long-time salon owners in need of new direction and a digital leg-up. The Underground section was created to allow the industry to access the “untouchables”. This component offers individualised education by the likes of Hair & Harlow and Jules Tognini, and responds to the notable trend of ‘best-of-the-best’ in up close and personal environments.”

The brands fall under a curated portfolio of premium hair and beauty products, making waves across the country as propelled by Haircare Australia’s distinct business approach and family dynamic.

Haircare Australia continues to consider their clients number one, providing top-tier service with a reliable, relatable smile in front of it. Aussie born and Aussie built, there’s truly no place like home when it comes to Haircare Australia.

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