Cranium Hair Manly and its owner Kelly Kent are the first salon to redeem their Sustainable Salons Rewards for the highest prize on offer, utilising their kindness to the planet and the Sustainable Salons Rewards Points to receive a free Fonzarelli Electric Scooter. Kelly saved her points for two years to redeem the gift, which was delivered to her salon door by Sustainable Salons Co-founder and Managing Director Paul Frasca.

Jenae Hinwood, Kelly Kent and Paul Frasca

“Jenae (Sustainable Salons National Business Development Manager) kept telling me to cash in my points on other things and I told her I was saving up for the bike. I wanted that bike!” Kelly said of the scooter, which is valued at $5500. “I saved for a while, I’m a very patient person.”

The bike is the most expensive item in the system, set up as a 100 per cent % emission-free scooter, an ideal gift for the environmentally conscious. The system rewards members that forward the $2 Sustainable Salons Fee collected from every client each week, cashing in these points for products and services and thanking them for the commitment to the cause, Sustainable Salons and their partner salons divert the resources they use during client services away from landfill and back into new products and sustainability projects, while also funding meals for those in need via OzHarvest (AU) and KiwiHarvest (NZ).

“We can’t wait for the day that sustainability is built into every product and service as the norm,” Paul said. “But in the meantime, we believe the Rewards Shop holds two powers for our members – it allows them to strive for even higher sustainability credentials by introducing them to responsibly-produced items.

“The other power – and this is huge for helping to create sustainable business practices, which we are also all about – is that just by redeeming their points, the salon can potentially save thousands of dollars on their bottom line every year by removing the hard costs associated with purchasing miscellaneous salon products.”

Other prizes include everyday salon iterms across hair, beauty and pet-grooming, including eco-friendly cleaning products, toilet paper and tissues, as well as Refoil, biodegradable gloves, bags, towels, coffee pods and disposables, bleach-resistant clothing and efficient salon equipment such as the Ping, Eco Heads, Headbeds, Hairvac and wax pots. Other more playful items include reusable coffee cups and water bottles, biodegradable glitter, metal straws, beeswax wraps and the ultimate Fonzarelli Electric Scooter. Salons can purchase products for staff incentives, client giveaways and promotions and local community events, spreading awareness about the cause in the process.

“The program’s already amazing and you feel great being a part of it because you’re saving the environment, and helping homeless people,” Kelly said. “Then you get really, super rewarded yourself. It’s an awesome program to be a part of, and if you’re not a part of it, you need to jump on board as soon as you can.”

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