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Davines Group Unveils New Headquarters in Italy

Davines and Comfort Zone have a new home, with a new headquarters for the two brands outside Parma in Italy that acts as a radiant, innovative, eco-friendly village dedicated to hair, beauty, sustainability and wellness.

The architectural project was designed by Matteo Thun’s and Luca Colombo’s Studio MLC, and is built on a surface of 77,0000 square metres, covering 11,000 square metres in total. The complex includes spaces dedicated to offices and training, a Research and Development laboratory, a production plant, a warehouse and a large central greenhouse used as a restaurant and co-working area. The remaining space is ecologically-minded, designed by del Buono Gazerwitz Landscape Architecture studio, with a botanical garden growing some of the brands’ cosmetic formulations.

“The soul of Davines expresses itself through its deep values,” said Davide Bollati, Davines President. “The Davines Village is their symbol: a company headquarter that exemplifies the concept of Sustainable Beauty that we pursue with ever stronger commitment and passion. The virtuous architectural design has turned into a reality that puts the well-being of the people who work here at its centre and represents a place where ethics and aesthetics coexist in harmonious balance.”

Materials used in the project include glass, wood and other sustainable choices, all of which evoke themes of nature, sustainability, community and transparency. The village mantra is also showcased in the design, with many homely structures and two-story “houses” arranged around communicative and collaborative courtyards. The large glass greenhouse acts as its figurative heart and literal centre, and houses the bar, restaurant and co-working environment. Every working station has a view of the village’s greenery for a serene working environment,

In keeping with the Davines ethos, the new headquarters integrates sustainable energy, waste reduction, optimisation of natural resources and saving of non-renewable ones. Artificial lighting, 100 per cent certified renewable sources and unique air filters are just some of the ways the premises practice the environmental ethics it preaches.

Built as a shrine to the hair and beauty industry and mother earth at large, Davines Village is a certifiable mecca for those obsessed with both beauty and the planet. Start planning your pilgrimage to Italy.

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