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De Lorenzo Launch New Season Colour Collection

The new De Lorenzo Colour collection utilises the brand’s own Novasemi, an all-new professional semi-permanent colour cream range, to create a kaleidoscopic collection. The array of hues presented, which range orange to pink, blue and bright yellow, show the bold, playful and youthful side of colour. Here we delve a little deeper into that colour and its complementary styles.

The bright orange tone, titled Brash, offers the wearer confidence, with a reinvented bob emboldened by a deep side sweep and dimension using the brand’s Elements Sandstorm for texture, control and fullness. The colour combines Novasemi colour creams in Atomic Orange, Explosive Red and Crystal Clear, while styling capabilities are further aided by Elements Afterglow to keep the style in place.

The Bold look, which is a strong pink tone, is imbued with Novasemi colour cream in Hypnotic Pink using a root stretch method, as well as Novasemi Crystal Clear for more subtle, pastel overtones. Defence Extinguish is vital in protecting the loose curls, while Elements Motion ensures firm, flexible hold for the hair. Elements Standstorm and Afterglow finish this dually fun and sophisticated look.

The Brazen look, in cool, vivid blue, is a sultry style, achieved with Novasemi colour cream in Mystic Blue and Crystal Clear, by applying colour to the root area and sliced panels on the hairline under the fringe for depths of colour. This individualistic look is best created with Sandstorm and Mudslide for shine, definition and texture, as well as Afterglow to finish.

Finally, the Brave look is a vibrant pixie cut in loud yellow, created with Cyber Yellow and Crystal Clear at the midsection of the hair by smudging the hues gently together. Cyber Yellow, Atomic Orange and Crystal Clear are the tones used for the top spikes of the look while Elements Ocean Mist gives it a summer, salty texture, and Mudlside is used as a sculpting paste to construct the style.

The looks have one meaning to their mantra – the hope that you and your clients can wear bold colour confidently and unique styles with ease. It’s all about being Brash, Bold, Brazen and Brave with De Lorenzo this season. Get your hands on the tools and create the looks to prove it.

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