Men’s hair brand Depot will be conducting a three day workshop in Queensland titled Tradition Is The Base, which will cover the brand’s method of cutting hair, shaping beards and shaving rituals. The comprehensive workshop, run buy depot Australia Director James Graham, will extend to consultations, and looking at hair from every angle, from type, to direction and lifestyle.

Broadly, the workshop will cover the basic shapes of men’s cuts, the various tools available to use and the best practices for confident, consistent and outstanding salon service.

Day 1, titled Men’s Cutting Fundamentals and held on August 26, will cover shape and form, clipper cutting techniques and tool selection, as the session explores the difficult techniques in cutting short hair, which leaves little to no margin for error. It will discuss the significance of male and short hair clients are from a business perspective, as they require their hair cut frequently and often use styling products, so they’re an important clientele to cultivate and significant skills to develop. It is considered beginner to intermediate.

Day 2, titled Advanced Men’s Cutting, will be held on September 9 and put a spotlight on texturising, hair type, scissor cutting techniques and shave rituals. The session will allow attendees to expand their creativity and comfort with a variety of cutting tools to grow their male clientele. Hero techniques will include texturiser and point and slide cutting techniques, while also educating on shaving with the correct technique and product choice as defined by the Depot shave ritual. The class is focused around men’s mid-length hair, but will be beneficial for shorter lengths, as well as women’s styles. Both day 2 and say 3 are considered intermediate to advanced.

The final day, day 3, titled Pushing the Envelope, shows off editorial to street looks on September 23. The class will teach advanced cutting and styling techniques as well as photographic work as it focuses on hair fashion for men, looking to the future of barbering and male hairdressing. The class looks back at retro styles to predict trends of the future and pioneer innovative men’s hair looks.

After completing the course, the salon will receive the Depot Services Menu complimentary to add these services to their salon menu.

Take your men’s hair game to the next level with this important three day course, with Depot changing the face of men’s hair education. Don’t miss out!

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