Lilac locks, glass hair and baby fringes were just some of the top trends that dominated the hair industry on social media in 2018. See what else had people posting, hashtagging, repining and liking with our round up of the top hair movements of the year, writes Michelle Ruzzene.

Pinterest has unveiled the Pinterest 100: the fifth annual peek into the top trends people are dreaming about trying in the year ahead. Over 250 million people come to Pinterest each month from around the world to plan their lives, and over 175 billion ideas have been saved to 3 billion boards to-date. The Pinterest 100 represents the ideas we share in common—from everyday inspiration to epic dreams for the future.

Lilac locks:

Prepare to see lots of lilac in 2019 – this pretty pastel hair colour trend is growing fast. Searches for ‘lilac hair’ increased an incredible 1,077 per cent. Swedish actress Noomi Rapace could be seen out and about with the hue.

Hooray for grey: 

People are growing out their natural grey hair and letting that silver shine through, with searches for ‘going grey’  up 879 per cent on Pinterest. It wasn’t only natural greys having a moment – celebs like Cardi B were seen rocking ashen locks.

Baby fringes are highbrow: 

Baby fringes  are big, with for ‘short fringes’  being pinned at an increase of 51 per cent. This year, the just-above-the-brow crop is only getting more popular, as seen on Emma Watson.

Glass hair:

Pack the sea salt spray away – glass hair is having a moment. More than just high-shine, glass hair is so sleek and so glossy you can almost see your reflection in it. Everyone from the likes of Kim K to Hailey Bieber have been seen sporting the trend.

Colour chameleon:It seems clients are still perplexed whether to be blonde or brunette, red or black, pink or purple.

‘What hair colour looks best on me?’  was the fourth most popular beauty search term, following ‘How to apply magnetic lashes’,  ‘What is a lash lift?’ and ‘How to remove individual eyelashes’.

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