Discover a Perth based education program that’s worth your time, catering to every level of hairdressing experience, from apprentices to senior stylists and business owners. The training program, titled Educate @ Pierrot’s, has been made to fill the market gap of comprehensive education that takes the time to truly upskill its students, without rushing them through and breezing past the fundamentals. This training puts the focus back on these core and integral elements of hairdressing, from cutting at four levels, colour, long hair, Avant Garde, styling that includes photoshoot prep and business intel.

The program is run by qualified hairdressers that run the gamut of hairdressing skills and experience. Led by Julie Mahony (Jeffrey), who created Pierrot’s Hair Studio 36 years ago, Julie has watched her business flourish and grow from two staff members to 26, knowledge that she can now impart to students. Artistically, Julie specialises in Avant Garde styling and editorial expertise, as well as having extensive colour knowledge and training. Her industry accolades extend from business awards, to philanthrophic efforts and creative honours as well.

Sue Morgan is another instrumental educator in this program, as the owner, founder and director of Perth salon Be Ba Bo and a renowned educator in her own right. Sue’s achievements also line her mantle, while she thrives on teaching students to achieve real results and inspiring students to take full pride in their work. Sue has worked for big-name brands across the hair industry, with a creative and professional attitude to motivate all program participants.

Gemma Hanoush will also be an esteemed educator for the program, bringing her 14 years of experience to the education initiative. Gemma is a salon owner with the Pierrot’s family, as well as an educator and mentor who has won awards and propelled her students to do the same. Gemma is also an artistic director for the salon brand, and is a colour specialist, extending her level of expertise even further.

The classes include essential cutting techniques, which progress to a senior level in steps, as well as classes on trends in cut and colour, creating award-winning Avant Garde looks, courses on artistry and creative thinking and important businesses tips in seven must-attend sessions overall. The business seminar covers everything from team communication, to running your own training program, setting salon standards, pricing, attracting team members, salaries, motivation and much more.

Dates abound through the second half of 2019 for you to find the course you need to elevate your salon and career and attend to really make that leap.

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