The Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer and its salon specific counterpart the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer professional edition monumentally changed the industry in the last couple of years, and Dyson’s latest brain wave to make actual waves is here. Meet the Dyson Airwrap™ styler, a styling tool made to create curls, waves and smooth blow dry finishes  in one – AKA the future of styling.

As usual with Dyson, the science behind the tool is fascinating. The tool uses jets of air to achieve these diverse styles, coming up with modern solutions for consistent hair issues such as tangled hair, extreme heat  damage and a weak or unruly air flow in certain tools. The iconic Dyson motor is used in this tool to create a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect, which happens when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and attaches itself to the surface because of differences in pressure. The Dyson team used this phenomenon to merge heat and air into a way to perfectly and diversely style without the extreme heat damage.

“We have been obsessively manipulating airflow for more than 25 years,” said the brand’s founder and inventor James Dyson. “It is one of our core expertise. Harnessing the power of Dyson’s digital motor we have engineered a truly unique styling tool preventing extreme heat damage when styling. I’m immensely proud of what our engineers have achieved.”

“As stylists, we often see the damage that extreme heat can have on hair,” continued Peter Thomson, Dyson ambassador. “Many women have had to compromise on the condition of their hair to create the styles they want. So it’s incredible that Dyson has engineered a tool that enables women to achieve so many different styles and have the best possible hair styling experience. The Dyson Airwrap™ styler is a game changer, it’s what the styling industry has been waiting for.”

Unique styling barrels, the Dyson digital motor V9 and the machine’s styling brushes create a high velocity for effective styling and allow the hair to curl around the barrel to style. The brushes hair align when styling for a smooth looking finish.

The tool also incorporate a switching mechanism for a truly focused airflow, directing that airflow according to the tension in the brush for a style-inspired finish. The clever tool also styles wet to dry, without the risk of extreme heat damage. Intelligent heat control, as used in the brand’s other hair styling tools, is achieved with a glass bead thermistor that measures temperature up to 40 times a second, transmitting temperature data to the microprocessor and regulating temperature, another important defense against extreme heat.

The highlight of the tool is its many must-have attachments, which create different looks for total personalisation. There is a pre-styling dryer with a diffused air flow for ultimate prep, a soft smoothing brush, which adds body and volume to the hair and the 40mm Airwrap™ barrel, which is used to create loose curls or waves for those with thicker hair.

Moving on in this impressive list of attachments, the 30mm Airwrap™ barrel creates voluminous curls or waves for most hair types and the firm smoothing brush creates er styles with less frizz. Lastly the round volumising brush builds shape and volume for those with finer hair.

The impressive tool was six years in development, with 24 million pounds of investment, 642 prototypes, 230 engineers and 103 granted patents. It also includes symmetry barrels with multi-directional purposes for symmetrical curls, a cool shot to set style, an easy-to-clean filter and negative ions to reduce static. The attachments are easy to attach and release with one click, for a totally diverse tool.

From a company that’s well-renowned globally for its innovation, Dyson has introduced the newest game changer in heat styling. Welcome this tool and its many attachments with open arms.

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