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Dyson Host Hair Science Event to Launch Supersonic Pro Dryer

As hairdressers, we expect technology that caters to the very specific needs of the salon. When it comes to blow dryers this includes details of noise, weight, styling prowess, strength and of course the effect of the tool on the quality and condition of the hair. These specific salon needs were front of mind for Dyson, who have moulded their 2016 Supersonic hairdryer into the all-new and exclusively professional Supersonic Pro, with upgrades to filter, cord, airflow, the tool’s magnets and more. To celebrate the launch, the brand hosted a Hair Science event in Sydney, inviting hairdressers, media and an expert panel of engineers and ambassadors to talk about the extensive research behind the tool.

A major point in the proceedings of the event was in how dutifully the Dyson Supersonic Pro cares for the hair’s condition. Ambassadors Renya Xydis of Valonz and Peter Thomsen of Chelsea Haircutters spoke about how the tool seems to just ‘think’, adjusting its heat accordingly and preventing damage. Guests were taken to various stations, where the science behind damaged hair was explained by Dyson engineer Fred Howe, including in terms of the difference moisture retention and shine. The dryer’s technological attributes ensure condition, style and care are paramount.

“The Dyson Supersonic Pro dries the surface of the hair a lot smoother, I describe it as a sharp knife going through butter, it just slides through, it has that feeling,” Peter said. “The finish of the hair feels like a soufflé, it’s light, fluffy and airy, but you’re still getting a really good strong direction in your blow drying.”

“Clients feel the difference, they feel that it’s lighter, that it dries the hair differently and the design is so different, they love that it’s quieter and it gives the hair a smoother surface and more shine,” he continued. “The new look excites them because we haven’t seen a change in so long in a dryer.”

The Supersonic Pro is therefore a win with clients, but is also specifically made to suit hairdressers, who are often blow drying for so many hours a week. A new filter system, and lights that tell you when to clean your hairdryer, a longer cord, super strengthened magnets and optimal weight and balance make it the hairdresser’s dream tool.

“The visual differences are subtle, but once you look a little deeper into it you start to notice the differences, when you get hands on and feel the products you notice it the best,” Fred explained. “The reason we’ve made these changes, is that we launched the Supersonic in 2016, and we’ve visited with 40 different salons, and one of the things we noticed how polluted the environment is with sprays, waxes, gels, so the filter needed upgrading.”

“Motor and temperature control setting are the same, but we’re manipulating that heat in a different way, so we have the professional concentrator, it’s a very narrow, controlled blade of air with a high density of energy,” Fred said.

The brand have done extensive research into the styling habits of Australian women, so they could pinpoint exactly how they can help you cater to your clients. They found that while 89 per cent of responders were concerned about heat damage on the hair, they were still using their hair dryers in damaging ways, with too much heat, causing breakage, dryness and split ends. The Dyson Supersonic Pro’s patented digital motor V9, kept the same across both models, allows for effective, quick and safe drying and styling, to meet salon and client needs without resorting to damaging methods.

“Healthy hair looks shiny and feels smooth, and in order to keep it this way the complex cuticle and cortex structures of hair need to be preserved,” said Rob Smith, Dyson Research Scientist. “One of the best ways to do this is to protect it against extreme heat”.

Event attendees viewed a panel discussion where they initially learnt about the tool, and were able to play around with it and watch it in action in the incomparable hands of Peter and Renya. A photo wall decorated entirely with Dyson Supersonic hairdryers presented an event centrepiece.

Beyond the canapes and the media wall, it was a real science lesson that delved into Dyson’s unparalleled research in hair and technology. The Dyson Supersonic Pro capitalises on this research into hair science and what salons truly want, delivering a tool that is made for hairdressers’ comfort and confidence. Get your hands on one ASAP.

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