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Easydry Celebrates 5 Years With Award Nominations

Salon sustainability beacon and disposable towel pioneer Easydry is celebrating 15 years with a very happy birthday present – the savvy brand were nominated for five awards at the Green Awards, for titles such as Green Product, Green Technology, Green Small Organisation, Green Manufacturer and Sustainable Water Achievement. The awards recognise companies that tackle environmental issues such as climate change and encourage others to get on board as well.

“We have always put innovation and sustainability at the heart of what we do so that we can help other businesses protect the planet. But not at the expense of their client service,” said Easydry CEO Anne Butterly. “Being eco-friendly must never be a compromise. Our customers are able to reduce their carbon footprint by using Easydry, but the most important benefit is that Easydry allows salons to improve client care by offering the softest, most hygienic disposable towel possible.”

The brand has helped salons drastically cut their water use in the last fifteen years, reducing the industry’s collective carbon footprint and saving millions of litres of water globally. The company was also recognised for its internal sustainable practices, including the use of  e-invoicing, eco-friendly transport methods and using recyclable or compostable packaging where possible.

The product continues to innovate, recently launching the patented WaterWeave™ technology, which made the towel softer, stronger, more absorbent and even kinder to the planet.

With the awards to be announced in late February in Dublin, and over a dozen well-earned awards already to Easydry’s name, the future is bright for this clever brand and product.

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