We’re used to ELEVEN Australia campaigns planted squarely on the beach, but the all-new REMIX 2018/19 campaign, is a fresh new direction for the Aussie haircare and lifestyle brand.

The campaign features six models, each with different hair looks, as a way to celebrate the individual and champion authenticity.

The brand’s co-creative directors, hairdressing icon and current Australian Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo, and Australian Photographer of the Year Andrew O’Toole, created the campaign for an edgy, energetic overall aesthetic.

Diversity was key but trendy and interesting denim styling unified the aesthetic.

“ELEVEN Australia has a range of high performing products to suit every hair texture and we wanted to represent that with the REMIX Campaign” Joey said.

“We always aim to celebrate every facet of Australia through our campaigns, from the sand to the cities,” Andrew added. “While sunshine and the beach will always be a part of ELEVEN Australia’s DNA, REMIX campaign embodies ELEVEN Australia’s heritage as an Australian brand while representing the essence of Australia in 2018.”

The campaign was inspired by the energy of the current creative climate driven by a youth culture who celebrate authenticity and are never afraid to REMIX it up. It invites consumers and professionals to follow this direction in any way they so choose, by embracing natural texture, going back to an old favourite style or changing it up completely – the possibilities are endless with REMIX.

For more information visit www.elevenaustralia.com