When we hear the words ‘ toasted coconut’ we admittedly start getting a little hungry and start imagining the ideal topping for our weekend poke bowl – but now the weird and wonderful world of viral hair culture has an all-new meaning in mind. Welcome the new commercial colour trend of the moment – Toasted Coconut Hair.

The look takes the toasted aesthetic given to it in name for a cool and warm toned hair trend, ideal for the autumn months coming up in the Northern Hemisphere and the fact that social media tends to take its cues from that region.

The look is anchored by dark roots – making it ideal for natural brunettes and still possible for blondes with a base colour tone – which fall into warm toned blonde ends, transitioning seamlessly throughout the hair.

“Girls sit in my chair at the end of the season and are conflicted if they want to be cool or warm toned, and this technique gives you both,” US hairdresser Michelle Gonzalez told Elite Daily. “The warm brown at the root melts perfectly into the cool blonde on the ends.”

For fairer haired clients, the process involves colouring the hair darker so that the blonde ends stand out even more, and then painting this icy blonde through the ends for a seamless transition.

The trend allows clients to have their toasted coconuts and eat it too with the allowance of variation between tones and the ability for clients to decide just how light, dark or ashy they want to go. It’s the ideal trans-seasonal look, giving clients the ability to wear both light and dark and have one foot (or strand) in either season. Throughout the seasonal and weather changes at the moment, the looks fits perfectly into any environment.

It’s a fresh and deliciously named take on bronde with a new approach to blending and application, and a 2018 iteration of ombré, with more diverse tones. The trend is something that’s been making the online rounds on Refinery 29, Elite Daily, Vogue, Allure Magazine and more. The best part is its entirely customisable in tone and the extent of each hue, instead being anchored by the merging of brunette to blonde and a seamless application technique throughout the hair, allowing you to tailor the colour look to each client.

The only downside is its bound to make you hungry. Grab a snack and get creative!