Health and wellness products and services are often vital in creating a relaxing and reflective beauty experience, with many salons hosting in-house beauty treatments and services to promote health and wellness within the haircare industry. Now an iconic name in beauty, endota spa will be opening endota Wellness College to better train and inspire the next generation of beauty and health professionals, writes McKenna Uhde.

The college offers modern courses to prepare students with the fundamental tools to advance in the industry. The students will have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and educators that are passionate and thrilled to work with and inspire the industry’s next generation.

“The opening is a logical step to give students and future caregivers and nurturers, the confidence and practical skills in a field which is becoming increasingly valuable, particularly as the wellbeing, health and beauty landscapes evolve,” explained Founder and CEO of endota spa, Melanie Gleeson.

The college offers a course catalogue filled with what seams like endless options in beauty, makeup, massage and business to find what you love and become a well-rounded therapist. In the beauty therapy track, students learn not only beauty services but the ability to promote personal wellness and mindful reflection. This course focuses on the importance and power of self-care and ensures that each graduating therapist can provide beauty expertise for the outside as well as the inside.

The Wellness College’s makeup course also provides an outstanding experience with training by nationally recognised professionals that will allow the students to gain all-round experience. This course will offer students the ability to later pursue a career in film, television, fashion, bridal, editorial or retail professions. The course also helps students to better understand the beauty industry and its clients, by appreciating the impact makeup artistry can have on self-confidence.

Massage at endota spa Wellness College teaches therapists to provide a service that can help clients relax, disconnect and become mindful. The course will teach students to better understand their client’s needs and how to best create a most essential experience. Students will graduate from this program as well-trained and caring therapists ready to advance in private practice, aged care facilities, wellness resorts, sporting organisations, salons and spas.

The business centre offers its students valuable workplace skills, to create learned and well-rounded therapists. The endota Wellness College Salon Management qualification prepares students to develop the skills to become spa managers and small business owners. Practical work experience is offered to create a diverse network of professionals on and off campus and provide employment opportunities.

This impressive program not only offers intensive courses, but scholarships to give a multitude of passionate students the chance to learn at this level. The Melanie Gleeson Exceptional Achievement Scholarship was created for students who have achieved excellence, whether that be academics, sporting, creative achievements or dedication to their work. This scholarship asks applicants to provide a written response and video entry to showcase their achievements. The successful applicant will receive a full scholarship, covering costs of their first course of study.

As endota Wellness College recognises and stresses the importance of mental and physical health and wellbeing. The Melanie Gleeson Wellness Scholarship is also offered for students who have experienced exceptional circumstances that has significantly impacted their wellbeing. Each component of wellbeing is recognised as important by endota to maintain good health and realise true potential. The scholarship recipient will also share their story with endota and the successful applicant will receive a full scholarship covering the full cost of their first course study.

The endota Wellness College offers programs designed for beauty lovers to hone in on their skills. This course strives to provide intensive professional education to better help students become well-rounded therapists before entering the beauty and wellness industry.

Canberra endota Wellness College campus intake is now open.

Melbourne endota Wellness College campus intake will begin in July.

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