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Enter Aveda Colour Harmony 2019

Aveda’s philanthropic nature, environmental focus and global family take centre stage as their annual Colour Harmony Awards focus on the theme ‘Worldhood’, and the culture, connection and community that concept evokes.

Welcome the next Colour Harmony Awards for 2019, where Aveda shows off their diverse and comprehensive brand by rewarding editorial submissions that channel the connection between hair cut, colour, styling and make-up and showcase each entrant’s technical and creative capabilities with aplomb. The Colour Harmony Award winners and finalists must connect with the inimitable Aveda brand ethos, showing this DNA in the editorial offerings alongside artistic mastery.

2018 New Talent Winner Amber O’Donnell

The Worldhood theme channels this format to evoke a “visual culture born of self-expression and creative play for a new globally connected reality”.  The theme tasks entrants with interpreting and working within global and social trends that have been connected and homogenised across continents with the advent of social media, but which we still view, create from and are inspired by differently.

The categories in which to showcase these skills start with the pinnacle Colour Harmony category, which will have entrants creating a photographic look and then a live recreation at the finals. This category recognises superior colour harmony and complementary cut, styling and makeup within the theme. Beyond that, the New Talent category also requires both photographic and recreated looks and is open to hairdressers who are still within the terms of their apprenticeship.

2018 Editorial Winner Jake Gray

The Editorial category is open to all hairdressers, allowing for a creative look that expresses Worldhood in an editorially savvy way, which could be displayed on a magazine cover. Hairdressers will have to submit their photographic entry and recreate the look live at the finals, while incorporating all elements of editorial hair and session styling such as fashion, makeup, lighting and background. The Digital category, which is photographic only, recognises outstanding colour, cut and styling within the interpretation of Worldhood, with a requirement that the final image be taken on a smartphone.

The competition is open to all hairdressers and colourists working in Aveda Lifestyle, Concept, Exclusive and Family locations in Australia, with all finalists and models needing to be able to travel during the relevant event dates and be available for the live final.

2018 Colour Harmony Winner Summer Pagaspas

Hairdressers are working towards a final deadline of June 10 with finalists to be contacted and announced on July 8. The live finals will then be held on August 26 in Sydney, as all relevant finalists recreate their looks and then eagerly await who will receive the eventual crowns.

Speaking to the global nature and care Aveda exudes in its charity work, production considerations, major events and international interconnected brand community, Worldhood captures the significance, vibrancy and strength the brand showcases on a fittingly worldly level. Capture this spirit, show of your talent and join the Colour Harmony movement in 2019.

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