evo invited beauty media into their lair last week, with an interesting, house of horrors themed launch event for their all-new Don’t Buy It Campaign. Walking into Darlinghurst’s iconic Tatler bar, guests were shown retro TVs, placards, grand pianos full of products, bars comprised of Fabuloso colour, along with the requisite drinks and snacks, to celebrate the uniqueness that is evo and all they have in store for the industry.

The launch and the event spoke to the bold DNA that is evo – showing that beauty extends beyond the bottle and the ethics of their brand are on a global scale. The campaign sparks an honest conversation with consumers, asking consumers to really think about the unrealistic standards of beauty in the industry.

The event referenced the brand’s iconic history, reinforcing their tagline to “save ordinary humans from themselves”. The honesty and transparency that evo is renowned for shines through in the campaign with authentic products that respect consumers and the planet. evo is championing the idea that perfection can’t attained with their ‘don’t buy it’ mentality and reinforcing it through the hashtag #byebuybuy.

They’re asking their evo nation to join the conversation online (with the appropriate hashtag) and show the world something authentic and honest in the process. This means fewer filters and more positive change in what we put out into the social media universe. Beauty comes from the brand’s new launches – take their hero Macgyver multi-use mousse – but is so much more than that, and evo is shouting it from the Instagram rooftops.

evo stalwarts were on hand at the event to show off both the brand’s products and slogans, with Garth Gauvin and the evo creative team, Motley Crew, Jules Tognini, Grant Norton and Nicole Kae, talking to beauty media about their technology, brand identity and important concepts.

evo has always been more than a product line, it’s a movement. Change your mindset and join it immediately.

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