Evo Hue-verse has officially been launched to the Australian haircare market with an event for Adelaide based salons that formally introduced the highly talked about technology to the industry.

Evo Hue-verse is built to innovate in the realm of colour, delivering free-thinking colourists a complete range of ammonia-free permanent and demi-permanent colour for performance without compromise in top-tier vibrancy and shine.

The Adelaide event was hosted by Evo Head Of Education and Product Development Jay Kownacki and Evo Technical Specialist Melissa Chaplin, as they talked through the Hue-verse range, presenting the demi, permanent, developer and Bottle Blonde ranges.

Key messaging was around the simplicity of the technology, which is focused on bold formulas that are sustainably based and created.

“At Evo, we don’t believe in shaming ingredients or greenwashing, we believe in creating hard-working, high-performing products that respect people and the planet. When it came to Hue-verse, not only was it important for us to create a vegan and cruelty-free colour line, but it was equally as important to ensure that this didn’t compromise on the product’s performance,” Jay told INSTYLE.

“Colourists love Hue-verse for its simplicity, performance, shine and condition. Hue-verse achieves all of these categories at the highest level.”

Guests were taught about the ingredients, processes and formulas of Hue-verse, and then heard information from Etcher Salon Owner Lauren Cooper, with Evo Colour Creative Director and AHIA Colour Expert Of The Year Award Winner Stevie English joining via Zoom. The pair spoke about how Hue-verse has worked in their salons and with their hairdressing teams, offering a salon-based perspective on how hairdressers are successfully adapting to the innovative technology.

“We’re talking about the first professional colour line to truly deliver out-of-this-world performance without compromise, each and every time,” Stevie told INSTYLE. “Complete coverage, longevity, vibrancy, epic shine and a squeaky clean ingredient list. What more could a colourist want?”

The event finished with a model showcase in an outer space themed show fittingly paired with that aforementioned out-of-this-world colour to inspire guests in what can be achieved with this creative technology. Haircare Group Creative Director Pete Beckett then brought out the megaphone and a prize wheel – while dressed in an astronaut costume and sequin bowtie, naturally – to end the day with some frivolity and fun amidst the inspiration and education.

With that, Hue-verse has lifted off and is officially a part of our Australian haircare family. Start creating.

For more information visit www.thehaircaregroup.com