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EVY PROFESSIONAL’s Ambassador Team continues to grow, with the appointment of all-new EVY PRO Stars that will aid in catapulting the hair tools and product company even further. Welcome these new faces and names to the squad: Owner and Artistic Director of Chroma Hair Studio and Australian Design Team Member for Matrix, Kim Astropalitis, Steph Meyer, owner of Steph Meyer & Co in St Kilda and Marie Ricupito, Director of Debarge Hair & Caffe and Matrix Australian Design Team Member.

Steph Meyer

“Find your tribe and love them hard!! I am so excited and grateful to be an EVY PRO Star Ambassador. To not only team up with a great company, but also give back to the industry in any way I can is a privilege,” Steph said, bringing aLmost a decade of blonde and balayage specific expertise to the team, as well as styling mastery. “I absolutely love my EVY PROFESSIONAL tools and recommend them to any hairstylist and all my clients – the mineral infused technology is incredible and you get instant results after using EVY tools and brushes – healthier, smoother, shinier hair.”

Kim Astropaliti

“Because of the technology behind EVY PROFESSIONAL I have loved & supported the tools from Day One! To me, it’s all about the integrity of my clients’ hair, not a quick fix, and EVY tools always leave my clients’ hair super hydrated & shiny,” Kim agreed. “I truly value the woman behind EVY PROFESSIONAL, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta. Having a FABULOUS supporting team behind your tools is so very important; it’s simple, you’re NOT a number you’re a person.”

Marie Ricupito

The trio love the brand’s patented Japanese mineral technology, with each tool featuring the feature 32 natural negative ion-generating minerals. This unique blend of post-volcanic minerals injects hydration and moisture into the hair during styling, for smoother, shinier and healthier results. The 1.5” iQ-ONEGLIDE iron, E-CURL, INFUSALITE hair dryer and e-smooth Organic Solutions stand out as must-have tools and products on the new ambassadors’ lists.

“EVY tools help me deliver beautiful, shiny hair every time; I specialise in boot camp styling for MATRIX along with EVY PROFESSIONAL’s amazing tools which I see as a testament to their performance and styling prowess,” Marie said. “EVY tools do what they say they are going to, and that’s of paramount importance for me as a hairdresser.”

“We are so thrilled to be expanding our EVY PROFESSIONAL PRO Stars Ambassador team with the additions of Steph, Kim and Marie,” EVY CEO, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta concluded. “Their collective passion for creating and maintaining beautiful healthy hair is infectious and is the perfect fit for the EVY philosophy. It will be an amazing partnership with so many exciting things on the horizon for 2019.”

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