If you haven’t heard of StageLINE, we’re about change your life. The makeup brand has been in operation for 82 years, founded in Spain to cater to all your everyday, professional and fantasy beauty needs. The brand collaborates with artists and industry professionals to showcase its quality, safe and effective product innovations.

Importantly, the products are dermatologically tested and not tested on animals, imbued with ingredients that consumers and professionals can trust. The products are manufactured with micronised pigments and active ingredients to suit and aid the skin. The result is long lasting and high coverage makeup that boasts a natural finish, with soft, smooth skin protection.

The innovative tools also include refillable palettes so professionals can customise their makeup kit for certain clients, tasks and occasions. With any chosen hues, the products have a high quality pigment result, intense colours and great coverage.

Hero products run the gamut, but include the Silk Veil Ref. 207, which is a refining matte finish skin treatment, with a light silky texture for extra moisturising, anti-oxidant and cellular renewal capabilities. It refills uneven skin levels for a flawless beauty finish when paired with the brand’s other options.

The brand also offers HD Foundation Options that give the wearer the ultimate complexion, no filter required, as well as makeup fixers to finish the look, the Perfect Seal Ref 239.2, which is a liquid fixer for eyeshadows, powders and glitters, and a range of refillable palettes, which you can use for 6 to 24 options of foundations, concealers, contours, blush, lip colours and eyeshadows.

Versatility, quality and professionalism is key for StageLINE, which is why their influence has extended for over 8 decades. Still, it’s not too late for you to jump on board.

For more information visit www.stageline.com.au