Australian foil brand Foil Me continues to expand its global presence, now naming a blonde and balayage expert from Utah, Evan Stowers owner of Desert Lounge Salon, as their US brand ambassador.

“I don’t remember when I first found Foil Me but something about them intrigued me. I think it was the embossing; the idea that people were innovating a foil to help prevent slipping was cool to me,” Evan said. “Two years later and I haven’t looked back, which has included the development of The Desert Lounge’s own custom-foil!”

“I love the fact that a company is working to help stylists improve their colouring services, and I love that the owners, especially Emily, are so real and genuine,” he continued. “It was so easy to communicate with them from the get-go.  They were also so easy and fun to work with in the creation of our custom foils.  I feel like we connect on a very real level. I like that they think I’m good at what I do and are so encouraging.”

Foil Me is renowned for its innovation, with a ‘tissue box’ and ‘show box’ design in their beloved grip Me collection and Flatter Me collection that caters to the professional hairdresser, making skills such as ombre, balayage, and hair contouring as efficient and simple as ever.

“There is no doubt that Foil Me has improved my colour work and execution 100 per cent,” Evan added. “The embossing itself has ensured I don’t feel like I have any slipping, which is vital to what we do.  I also love the gauge and how wide they are; that helps so much when I’m foiling as I can cover more area of the head which increases my speed.”

“Evan has been a loyal USA Foil Me lover for over 2 years now and he hasn’t wavered in his support for us. He has shown nothing but warmth and passion towards our brand and is just an all round great guy,” said Foil Me Co-founder and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello. “Evan’s work is amazing and we love that he is such a family man as well as a great business man! The clincher for us was when Evan chose us to design his very own custom made foils! We knew then that Evan was serious about his love for Foil Me! Working with Evan has been an absolute pleasure and we really look forward to a wonderful future growing Foil Me together!”

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