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Foil Me® Launch Collaboration with Canadian Brand Ambassador

Foil Me® are offering the newest foil innovation to grace your salons by way of The Tressa, a dynamic collaboration with their Canadian brand ambassador Tressa Yanchuk. A periwinkle purple and white box with purple foil defines the aesthetic of the new product, paying homage to Tressa’s business logo and a communal hero tool – the bobby pin – in the creative design. 

“When the idea of a collab with Foil Me® was tossed around, there was no way I was going to say no! I chose purple because it is my favourite colour (and toner colour of course), and also my hair was purple for a couple of years! The bobby pin was because it is on my logo, and I have a tattoo of a bobby pin on my arm,” Tressa said.

The collection includes The Tressa – Original foil (12.5cm by 27cm), The Tressa – Wide foil (in the popular size of 12.5cm by 27cm) & The Tressa – Extra Wide foil (in the size of 20cm by 40cm) – the first patterned foil to be produced in the Foil Me® Extra Wide foil size. The products are available as of March.

“Tressa has been our Canadian ambassador since 2018 and a Foil Me lover from 2016 so collaborating with her on a foil named after her really was a natural progression; it is super important for us to work with someone we trust and who genuinely loves our foils,” said Emily Ciardiello, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Foil Me®.

Tressa is renowned as a blonde, balayage and ombre specialist and educator, with intricate techniques that require the ideal foils – hence the collaboration. All The Tressa foil types feature the technology of the signature embossing and are encased in the Foil Me® clever, easy-to-dispense signature tissue box design.

“Tressa showed interest in a custom foil and rather than producing a foil just for her salon, I suggested we make it one in which can be offered to our global network; we love Tressa and her work and we feel the whole world should have the opportunity to see it,” Emily said.

“The Tressa foils are a beautiful periwinkle shade and appeal to hairdressers with the bobby pin print; the colour and the bobby pin are trademarks of Tressa and a reflection of her,” she continued, adding that the hue promotes and symbolises femininity, nature, calmness, friendship and memory. “We always like our foils to stand for or signify something so the periwinkle colour choice by Tressa is just perfect.”

Foil Me supports its clients through the ordering stage through to social media and all communication forms, becoming a true community and way of life and business, rather than just a brand.

“Foil Me® has been one of the greatest companies I have worked with in my career. Emily and the whole team have always gone above and beyond for me, especially before they came to Canada, and I was ordering them from Australia on my own,” Tressa said. “That just goes to show how much I stand behind their product, and how positive they have been in my colour/foil work, and execution behind the chair. I literally could not do hair anymore without them. Joining Foil Me® with [the distributor] West Coast Beauty, and having them retailed in Canada was so exciting!”

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