Iliano and Emily Ciardiello and the Foil Me Team

As lovely as it would be to cancel 2020 amidst all the uncertainty and craziness, there are stories of hope that remind us there is light on the other side. The husband and wife team, Iliano and Emily Ciardiello, at Foil Me are doing their bit to help some of Australia’s most hard hit from the bushfires, the wildlife.

Iliano and Emily Ciardiello and the Foil Me Team

In response to the devastating bushfires that ravish throughout the summer, the Adelaide-based company has raised $10,000 for charity Animals Australia.

It has donated one dollar from every pack sold throughout January, and also rallied contributions from families and friends. These funds will help Animals Australia fly expert wildlife vets into the fire-affected areas and send food to animals in need. It will also assist with funding for vets and volunteers and help supply them with the right equipment to rescue animals.

“We like to be active in our local and surrounding communities, and it was important to us that we contribute in some way to help those in need – and those without a voice – during the bushfires and in recovery,” Emily said

It’s estimated 1.25 billion native animals have perished in the bushfires, and without help, more animals would struggle to survive in the recovering environment. Charities like Animals Australia are giving a voice to those who go unheard.

What a fantastic effort from the Foil Me team! Keep these feel-good stories coming.

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