Welcome back The Pride Collection of foils from Australian foils brand Foil Me, created as a celebration of love and paying homage to the LGBTIQ+ community. The collection has been re-launched for June 2021 in honour of the annual Pride Month, and in charitable support of The Equality Project.

“The Pride Collection foil was initially designed in 2019 with the LGBTIQ+ community in mind, recognising the colours of the pride flag by using rainbows, but going a few steps further by placing two rainbows ‘kissing’ or touching – representing love and acceptance – no matter what the race, colour, gender, national origin, age, religion, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression a person identifies with,” said the brand’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Emily Ciardiello.

“The rainbows are also set on a white background which represents peace so, ideally, we wanted the foil as a whole to be a celebration of love, equality and difference and the freedom to express oneself.”

The rainbow design aesthetically supports this cause, while the philanthropic meaning of the products is also essential. Foil Me will donate $1 from the sale of every Pride Collection foil box to The Equality Project, a charity that brings together LGBTIQ+ people and allies to promote a better, more just and fairer society for all Australians. The organisation works to create spaces for LGBTIQ+ communities, organisations, advocates and allies to work together through national and regional conferences and training events.

“Just as it did in 2020, we are more convinced than ever that the Pride Collection foil will strongly resonate with many of our Foil Me movers, continuing to unite us across the globe in 2021,” Emily said. “We want to not only bring joy to Foil Me movers’ hearts, but also optimism and unity – after all, rainbows are formed while it’s raining, yet the sun is still shining!”

The foil is available in sizes of Original, Wide and Extra Wide, each with their own design, another symbol of the significance of individuality.

Foil Me continues to take over the hair world, with international distribution in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden, and clearly a strong ethos and initiatives like this that reach far beyond the salon.

For more information visit www.foilmefoils.com