This month, Fudge Professional hosted beauty media at Edwards and Co Kippax Street to show off their dynamic launches. Alongside St. Tropez who had tanning expert Michael Brown in tow to showcase the brand’s latest bronzing innovations and top tanning tips, Fudge Professional offered the latest intel on their new releases and allowed beauty media to experience it with luxury bow-dries and styling. As the season starts turning warmer, the two brands were, as always, on the forefront of the summer trends.

Fudge Professional’s new releases centre around the theme of ‘Care To Be Different’, and the endeavor to fix and aid broken, brittle hair as damaged by heat styling, brushing and other natural and synthetic aggressors. The brand’s all-new Opti-Plex Technology is being championed as a repairing hair hero, with technology to settle into the gaps of hair cuticles, build bonds inside the core of the hair, repair the hair’s natural protective shield and regenerate and smooth each strand. There is also colour lock technology that prevents hues from fading.

The brand’s cult blonde products have also been given an update, with new products that boasts this technology for optimal care and banish brassiness for the whitest possible blondes. A new Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner contain maximum strength violet micro-pigments fused with the brand’s new care technology for optimal colour and quality.

In terms of brunettes, the brand’s new Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampoo and Conditioner fuse these innovations with blue micro-pigments to eliminate red and orange tones, as well as enveloping each strand in a 24 hour fragrance. Hair is left stronger and healthier with covetable colour.

The Damage Rewind Reconstructing Shampoo and Conditioner benefit as well from the locked in colour technology, while reconstructing and protecting bonds with Opti-Plex Technology and the HairGuard Complex, to leave hair up to 90 per cent stronger. The pair of Xpander Gelée Shampoo and Xpander Whip Conditioner add bulk, densifying hair by up to 180 per cent and using weightless fibre-dense technology for strength and bounce.

Lastly, the Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo and Luminizer Weightless Conditioner provide instant illumination with the use of Micellar Oil Complex, as well as Smoothing-Swish technology for overall weightless hydration.

These products were taught and showcased to beauty media alongside the St. Tropez launches, including their all-new Self Tan Extra Dark Mousse for a particularly dark and variant self tan, and the Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water, which is a refreshing, ultra lightweight, quick-drying natural tan that is also great for the skin.

Don’t look out the window, with all-new blonde, brunette and tanning products from these two stellar brands, summer is here, we promise.

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