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Gem Roots Is A Wearable New Colour Trend

This one is for your clients who want colour but not in its full entirety – introducing another must-have Instagram hair trend (we would complain that there are so many if they weren’t all so fun), titled Gem Roots.

Born on the Instagram page of Las Vegas colourist Chita Beseau, the Gem Roots hair trend has since travelled internationally, with features on Allure Magazine, marie claire and The Sun.

The crystal-inspired look is a dreamy take on rainbow roots, but takes only the colours found in geodes to create a vibrant look on the roots that fades down in a gradient effect. Chita’s viral look starts with bright purple hue, that fades into mint and pink before ending at platinum blonde. The look captures intense rainbow hues, wearable and natural platinum tones and soft, muted pastel shades – basically all of the trends of the moment rolled into one creative look. When the colours fade, the client is left with a suitably softer look and then just platinum hair – a great colour choice at every iteration.

Chita utilised Pravana colours and about two hours of her time to create the look, starting with darkest shade at the roots to create depth, and using the pastel highlights to frame her client’s face.

Just another example of creative inspo we implore you to try for yourself, upload and hashtag so we can add it to our Pinterest boards.

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