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GenNext Show Open To Expressions of Interest for the First Time

For the first time, Hair Expo’s GenNext show is opening up its platform to expressions of interest, meaning you could be backstage and your looks could be inspiring an enthralled crowd. The event, taking place on the Sunday night of Hair Expo in June next year, attracts a crowd of around 1000 people, showing off young talent, and now offering you that possible exposure as well.

The GenNext show is made of 7 to 8 shows, each of which is 5 minutes, and a main sponsor show. If you are selected to participate your work will be marketed through print and online means, such as social media, news stories, in the Hair Expo event guide, within the significant Hair Expo database, on the Hair Expo website and as a subject of PR.

If you are successful, your team will arrive on a stage at the International Convention Centre, Sydney (ICC), with all AV, crew, staging and technical facilities for the shows to be supplied by Hair Expo, as you deliver the show to the crowd.

This year’s show was sponsored by Matrix and headlined by Matrix Playground, as well as being sponsored by INSTYLE in the endeavour to champion true emerging industry talent. The electrifying show traversed fiery, flame-themed aesthetics to storybook styles, punk rock looks, gothic themes and more, all in the name of inspiration, as compered by industry legends and entertainers Jules Tognini and Richard Reid.

Next year, that could be you! Good luck.

For more information and to apply visit this site.

Click here for Styleicons|TV.

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