ghd’s all-new hot brush is a first for the revolutionary brand, changing the heat styling game once again.

Electrical styling juggernaut ghd are giving new meaning to Beyoncé-level, ‘I woke up like this’ hair, with the all-new ghd glide, a modern hot brush that tames and smooths dry hair quickly, efficiently and effortless, acting as the ideal solution to second day styling. The tool is limited edition.

The brush acts as your new styling obsession, while also becoming the perfect retail option for 2019, ensuring your clients can quickly style their hair after rolling out of bed. The hot brush glides through dry hair for elevated style in seconds, saving your clients time at home and making up precious time in the salon.

“ghd glide restores the look of a salon blow-dry in seconds,” said ghd UK ambassador Zoe Irwin. “It’s wonderful for soft volume, beautiful sleek styling and I adore it for fringes too. Its beautiful simplicity makes it an incredible styling tool. Simply glide the brush through your hair to smooth waves and create sleekness with an airy texture. ghd glide is incredible for shaping your hair into a modern style really simply and quickly.”

The hot brush utilises ceramic technology with ioniser to heat the brush uniformly to the optimum 185°C styling temperature for healthier looking hair. The ioniser technology also restores balance back in the hair for smooth, glossy and frizz-free hair. The tool also incorporates high density shorter bristles combined with longer bristles to style large sections but also build natural movement, for a smooth, professional look.

Harnessing the client and the hairdresser’s dual need to create better hair on a shorter time limit, the ghd glide is committed to healthier, smoother, more efficient and, as the brand title would suggest, simply good hair, every day.

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