ghd’s latest tool, titled oracle, is your new must-have avenue to stylistic creativity, building covetable curls with ground breaking ease and simplicity.

Once iconic for their straightening technology alone, ghd’s role and reputation as a global styling superpower has only grown, and its portfolio now expands from straightening to drying and styling of all sorts. Within this domain, welcome oracle, an innovative tool that makes curling easier than ever, putting it in the same simplistic realm as straightening hair for your clients, and developed in revolutionary fashion over 6 years with 675,000 hours of testing by at the leader in heat styling R&D facility in Cambridge UK.

“ghd oracle is the culmination of years of research, resulting in a versatile professional tool that combines heat to shape the hair, with a cooling system to set the hair,” said Steve Elstein, ghd Vice President of product development and research states. “This innovative tool heats hair to the optimum temperature of 185°C and then curls and sets the hair by flash-cooling it with a temperature differential of over 100°C to ensure the style is set and that the curls last.”

The tool is able to simplify the art of curling with patented Curl-zone technology, using the oracle’s unique heat power and cooling setting effect to create a myriad of curls in just one stroke, leaving hair beautiful and healthy. The oracle has a “U” shape made of four ceramic plates that concocts an ideal curl no matter what section of hair is actually passing through the tool. Tilting the oracle at slight angles creates new and various curls and waves, from more defined to loose and beachy.

The oracle shapes the hair with its Curl-zone technology, supplementing this with a flash-cooling system that sets the curl and ensures long-lasting results, while also making the tool is cool to touch and place on surfaces, providing consumers with a no fear curling experience. A small, high power fan draws in cool air and expels warm air to facilitate this savvy process.

When styling, it keeps its optimal temperature of 185°C, which ghd has identified as the ‘glass transition phase’, today’s benchmark for heat styling, where material goes from brittle to malleable, and the ideal heat temperature. This protects hair from damage while embellishing its natural beauty during styling.

“ghd oracle is a game-changer for creating curls and waves; there is no more wrapping or rolling hair, for the first time ever you can create the perfect curl in just one easy stroke,” ghd Global Brand Ambassador Adam Reed explained. “So many of my clients struggle to curl their hair, but with the new ghd oracle, curling is now as easy as straightening.”

“Curls continue to be a strong and growing hair trend, and with ghd oracle one tool is all you need to create a variety of curls, waves, and textures. It is a revolutionary innovation, which is why we’re so excited to put it directly into the hands of the professional stylists, delivering a tool which is exclusive to selected partner salons,” added Ludovic Dellazzeri, managing director, ghd ANZ. “In many ways, ghd is going back to its roots with oracle.”

“Salons are where ghd is born and remain at the heart of our business. ghd oracle is our most versatile and creative curling tool yet – meaning education is vital for consumers to get the most out of it. Stylists are the key to teaching consumers how to confidently and easily use this professional tool to create these looks at home.”

“Our ghd oracle partner salons are required and committed to providing complimentary tutorials for all consumers so they can learn how to use the tool before purchase,” Ludovic said. “Hairdressers know they’re a trusted source of both knowledge and creativity for their clients, and we look forward to inviting more salons to be part of the ghd oracle journey.”

ghd partnered with trending Bondi salon Koda Cutters this week to launch the tool to beauty media, decking out the award-winning salon in ghd brand material and creating the covetable curls the tool will soon be known for.

ghd have continued to innovate and revolutionise the very notion of heat styling through their entire brand history, and oracle is another monumental step in that relentless journey. Look to the future of curls, heat styling and retailing tools with oracle.

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