ghd has celebrated the launch of its fastest hairdryer with a luxe cocktail party. Media, hairdressers and influencers gathered at Bar M in Rushcutters Bay to find out more about the highly anticipated launch. Guests were served a selection of canapés from the kitchen of chef Paola Toppi.

Marie Uva, Grant Norton, Monique McMahon and Jules Tognini

helios is touted as ghd’s fastest and lightest professional hairdryer. It features unique Aeroprecis technology and powerful drying performance.

To familiarise guests with the new launch, ghd National Education Manager Grant Norton hosted a panel of hairdressers to debunk myths about heat and blow dryers. Ludovic Dellazzeri, Managing Director, ghd Australia and New Zealand also gave an introductory speech.

Marie Uva (Uva Salon), Monique McMahon (Que Salon) and Jules Tognini (Togninis) all discussed their ‘ghd-do’s’ when it comes to hair drying.

Monique McMahon dispelled the idea that blow drying is bad for the hair, especially coloured-treated hair.

“When the hair is wet, it’s at its weakest state. Blow drying can seal off the cuticle to lock in the moisture,” Monique said.

helios was developed in ghd’s UK Research and Development lab in Cambridge over a period of six years. It features a bespoke contoured nozzle for concentrated airflow and an ergonomic handle to help relieve stress on the muscles after extended professional use.

Jules Tognini, the owner of Togninis, loves the ghd helios because it allows him to create lived-in looks.

“My favourite look to create using the ghd helios is a relaxed style with lived-in texture. helios doesn’t blast all the life out of the hair,” Jules said.

Marie Uva was a part of the initial testing team of stylist who received early samples of the helios.

“When it first arrived on my doorstep, I had a quick play and then put it in my drawer so no one else could steal it. I haven’t reached for anything else since,” Marie said.

“I have a strict black-only hairdryer policy in salon, but my team have begged me to let them choose their own colours. I have allowed it because they just all look so chic. There isn’t any lime green!”

helios is available in four stylish colours; black, white, ink blue and plum. The grill is designed with a sun pattern to pay homage to the dryer’s namesake, Helios, who is the Greek god of the sun.

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