ghd’s new oracle curling tool is about more than just styling, as is always the case with ghd, truly innovating the industry with stylistic ingenuity, bold trends and a tailored education program that puts the salon industry first.

“For oracle we have decided to go back to our roots as a brand and create something that’s not available online or any of our retail stores,” explained Nadine Johns-Alcock, ghd’s national education manager. “Only hand selected salons that are committed to education, havebeen selected to go through an education program to make sure they’re able to deliver a great consultation to their clients.”

This education process has three phases, beginning with a group training session delivered to two oracle experts from each hand selected salon, who learn the features, benefits and technology of the oracle, as well as the three most popular looks clients are currently requesting with the tool. These three looks are a beachy wave, glamorous red carpet look and festival inspired ‘texture press’ for total variety. The oracle experts then progress with the next phase, where they go back to their salon and teach the other staff members, in a two week segment where the salons are able to experiment with the tool.

“The oracle will create different curls depending on how you use it, like the angle you hold it on and the speed at which you’re styling, the hairdressers are able to have a play and because they’re creative people they tend to come up with their own way of using the oracle,” Nadine explained. “After this phase, our ghd educator goes into their salon to deliver bespoke training and teach them the next three oracle looks which are the more advanced techniques. We’ve put in place a six month program at first. We launched the product and we went with our most premium salons in the country and this was primarily based on our guest artists who are familiar with the brand. Now, month by month, we’re hand picking selected salons across Australia and New Zealand to join the program.”

This program aligns with the brand’s constant innovation in the realm of education. As an extremely established company, they aren’t set in their ways in terms of progressing education and have moved from their traditional education events to a more global, digital platform.

“Education has changed quite a bit at ghd,” Nadine confirmed. “For the first sixteen to eighteen years of the brand we were renowned for putting together high production education events with award winning guest artists but we’ve found the landscape of education has changed. We’re moving more towards online education. We’ve set up a digital platform called Digital World that offers both core education on the features and benefits of our product, but also creative education with our guest artists, it’s always on, people can access this at any time.”

“We’ve also started to blur the line between professional and consumer events, giving our stylists access to the wide range of consumer events that we participate in, like the Caulfield Cup or Fashion Week, just to give more opportunities to our salons,” she continued.

Whether it’s important technology, industry events or relevant learning, ghd continues to hold an important place in the hearts of salons and consumers and, with internet-breaking launches like oracle, that relationship only builds.

“The response has been amazing to the oracle,” Nadine said. “The online buzz has been incredible, we know of consumers who have flown themselves interstate to have a one on one session with their oracle expert to be one of the first to purchase the tool. It’s definitely building momentum. We have people contacting us every day wanting to be part of the oracle experience.”

“For me it’s really important to recognise that the industry as a whole has a long history with ghd, particularly here in Australia,” she continued. “The brand is well loved by new and established stylists, it’s about going back to our roots and re-establishing our tribe and creating as many opportunities for them as we can.”

An experience, a community and a platform that truly looks to evolve our industry – ghd has always been much more than a brand and a tool.

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