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Glide Hair Tools Donate Cutting Capes for a Cause

Glide Hair Tools has the eye and heart for philanthropy and each year they give back to less fortunate communities on behalf of their wholesalers. Their most recent initiative saw them donate and embroider cutting capes for the Kids Cancer Project, offering an esteemed, necessary and personalised product to this worthy cause.

Other causes aided by Glide Hair Tools have included giving products to Trundle School which was suffering from the drought, sponsoring a child on behalf of the company, employing people with disabilities to make Christmas decorations for clients and supporting Oxfam and livestock on behalf of wholesalers. The company mantra certainly includes the spirit of Christmas giving.

“It is that time of your again and we always put a lot of thought into what we can do to make a difference. During the year I was contacted by The Kids Cancer Project, they needed some cutting capes with their name on them urgently,” Joe Cignetti said. “I could provide the capes, which we did, and I approached our embroiderer to do the embroidery as a good will gesture, which she did.”

The company ended up creating and distributing 200 capes as per the charity’s layout as a show of goodwill and on behalf of their wholesalers as a thank you for their work and partnership.

If that’s not the spirit of Christmas, we don’t know what is.

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