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Goldwell AUSNZ Announce 2018 Color Zoom Winners

A group of talented finalists, respected judges and brand representatives congregated for a very important occasion, as Goldwell announced their national winners and medallists for Color Zoom 2018. Carrying on last year’s newly started tradition of an elegant and intimate lunch affair, dreams were made over delicious Greek cuisine at Beta Bar Sydney, with a live band setting the mood and delicate floral arrangement hanging like clouds over the long table. The feature of the setting was the wall of photographic entries, showcasing inspiring colour and the depth of talent on offer as we discovered who had been awarded for their work.

The finalists were each called up and recognised by KAO Australia Director of Education Rita Marcon after an address by KAO General Manager Justin Anderson, who handed out the alluring glass trophies. Winners and medallists were announced in categories of Australian Global Partner Colourists, as well as Australian and New Zealand Global Creative Colourists and Australian and New Zealand Global New Talent Colourists.

Entrants were made to create the ELEMENTAL Color Zoom trend with their own distinct interpretations and skills, utilising elements of colour, style, cut and texture to master the trends. The collection fuses modern technology with a more inherent primal creativity. It’s anchored by the interplay of rawness and refinement, the contradiction of solidity and translucency, colour contrasts and modern, minimalistic shapes.

Musted pastels, rich earthy tones and matte and unpolished textures alongside shiny hues are incorporated into the aesthetic. A minimalistic approach to shape, sophisticated, precise cuts, soft and jagged edges in equal measure and subtle asymmetry can all be experimented with. Overall, the balance between raw and refined defines the collection and its bold, futuristic look.

The medallists won prize packs and editorial exposure, while the gold medallists will be representing Australia and New Zealand in their categories in Toronto at Global Zoom in October. With this level of talent on offer, we have high hopes and crossed fingers.

Congratulations to the winners and medallists, listed below:

Australian Global New Talent
Gold: Maddison Gardener – Dextress Hair
Silver: Christina Fuglsang – Nischler
Bronze: Hannah Adams – Convict Cutters

Rita Marcon (L) and Justin Anderson (R) with Hannah Adams, Maddison Gardener and Christina Fuglsang

New Zealand Global New Talent

Gold: Nina Williams
Silver: Vivien Lane
Bronze: Lauren Gunn

New Zealand medallists, Angela Thomson, Nicky Crombie, Bethany Lane Noa, Nina Williams, Vivien Lane and Lauren Gunn

Australian Global Creative Colorist

Gold: Clare Dornauf – Convict Cutters
Silver: Jacinda Pike – Dextress Hair
Bronze: Rachael Sibley – Nischler Hair

Rita Marcon (L) and Justin Anderson (R) with Rachael Sibley, Clare Dornauf and Jacinda Pike

New Zealand Global Creative Colorist

Gold: Bethany Lane Noa
Silver: Nicky Crombie
Bronze: Angela Thomson

Australian Global Partner Colorist Finalists

Gold: Daniel Lepore – The Palladeum
Silver: Alana Dunphy – Prema
Bronze: Sharon Nightingale – Lustre The Color Studio

Alana Dunphy, Daniel Lepore and Sharon Nightingale

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Photography by Geoff Magee Photography

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