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Goldwell Debut Scalp Facial

Exfoliation is a necessary part of any skincare and body care routine, and that remains entirely true for the scalp as well. Goldwell are tapping into this need with their new method of scalp care, introducing a new in-salon scalp facial and their recently launched Kerasilk Revitalize range to rejuvenate the scalp.

The scalp ages six times faster than facial skin and twelve times faster than skin on the rest of the body, making this new service and product line more vital than ever. A clean scalp breeds healthy hair, preventing dry skin, dull hair and clogged follicles. The exfoliation born through these rituals leads to thicker, shinier and fuller hair, with extreme benefit to new hair that grows. Styling products and other product build up only add to the problem, making the follicle smaller over time if not properly cleansed, leading to thinning hair.

The in salon scalp facial is comprised of a four step program that exfoliates, cleanses, rebalances and treats the scalp. The product line-up for the service starts with Kerasilk Revitalize Exfoliating Pre-Wash, which cleanses with Jojoba exfoliants, removing excess sebum and dead skin cells and purifying pores. Clients can then choose a Nourishing or Detoxifying regime, as prescribed by the hairdresser, or have a completely tailored experience with the shampoo used. The brand’s Rebalancing Scalp Foundation activates the scalp, and then a custom Detoxifying or Nourishing serum is applied. The service concludes with a luxury massage.

The products from the service also define the retail range in the full Revitalize line, for rebalanced, properly cleansed and healthy scalp skin that can be maintained and extended at home.

It’s an important point of difference your salon can offer for healthier hair, important skincare focus and a luxury service your client can indulge in like they would a trip to the beauty therapist. Add this service to your menu and these products to your shelf in the name of better scalp health everywhere.

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