Goldwell’s 2020 Color Zoom format has had a makeover, with the all-new Global Creative Awards presenting the new face of Goldwell competition. We chat to 2019’s winners as we make the leap from old to new.

Goldwell Color Zoom has evolved, becoming the brand’s Global Creative Awards, to make the artistic scope more varied and present the next evolution of this iconic global franchise. Innovation is any facet is key, and Goldwell ensures its competition sector’s continued relevancy with the next step in this renowned format.

“In the past we invited hairdressers from all over the world to participate in the Color Zoom Challenge to show their interpretation of the current Goldwell collection,” explained the brand’s global creative director, John Moroney. “In 2020, it’s time to go further – we give our stylists the chance to show their full creativity without any limitations.”

The new format will allow hairdressers to explore their own vision, rather than following the brand’s annual collection and artistic aesthetic. This will be delineated into the Technical Awards and Editorial Awards, each of which has their own categories.

“Today’s stylists want to show their own creativity and not ‘copy/paste’ someone else’s inspiration,” John continued. “We believe that now is the time to take the chance to show the world what a true creative does: imagine, create and inspire. We want to celebrate that. They have the talent and we have the stage for them.”

The technical awards judge in categories of New Talent Colorist of the Year, Creative Colorist of the Year and Creative Haircutter of the Year, offering a platform to hairdressers of any experience level with both photographic and live work, first at a national level and then, with enough luck and skill, on an international stage.

In the new editorial awards, categories of men’s Hairstylist of the Year, Salon Team of the Year, Avant Garde Stylist of the Year and Editorial Colorist of the Year, speak to the growing creative nature of our international industry. These photo-only categories test our hairdressing community on a global scale.

The new categories and format are just one piece in a dynamic 2020 puzzle for Goldwell – and the Kao Salon Global Experience Event in Amsterdam in October headlines that. Technical gold winners can look forward to a brand photoshoot, while Editorial winners have cash prizes on offer. Trophies, recognition and global editorial coverage looms as a tantalising prospect for all who have success in the competition.

As we look towards the future of these competitions, we spoke to two of last year’s winner who shared their experiences on why competing under the Goldwell banner, in any iteration, is so worthwhile.

Demi Richards, Mazee Hair, New Talent Colorist AUSNZ Gold Winner

INSTYLE: What did you take away from the experience that you’ve learnt professionally?

Demi Richards: More knowledge of the product and the amazing end result that I can achieve with them. I feel like I’m a better hairdresser and I have more confidence in what I’m doing. I’ll definitely be taking it back to the salon.

IN: What did you take away creatively?

DR: More confidence in my ability as a colourist and stylist. I found that in the competition, being organised was key. I had everything laid out ready so that I didn’t have to go back and forth or waste time doing too many little things.

IN: Describe your overall experience

DR: I’d never been overseas before. So this experience has been life changing and awe inspiring. The architecture and history in Vienna is beautiful. My eyes have been opened to so much beauty. I also gained a great lifelong friendship – my model who traveled with me was such a great person to travel with. We both bonded with each other and other competitors, which is something I’ll never forget.

IN: What was your favourite thing about your Color Zoom and Global Zoom experience?

DR: It was actually really surprising to see how well I was while the competition was on. I kept really calm and just stayed on track with what I had to do. I had so many favourite parts of the experience, just to name a few would be seeing the catwalk after the timer had stopped and all the models walked out. I was amazed at all the talent! I also loved seeing all the shows that were on, plus learning new looks for 2020, and of course being absolutely spoiled with dinners, parties and the masquerade ball.

IN: What do you love most about the Goldwell network?

DR: How supportive and encouraging everyone is. The whole time, while I was secretly freaking out in my own head, I had the Goldwell team telling me how great I was doing, saying that I could do it and giving me words of encouragement when I was doubting myself. This was such an amazing thing.

IN: What inspires you most about travel?

DR: Being able to discover new experiences and create new memories. It’s great to experience new things from around the world, things that inspire me so that then I can bring that back to the salon to create new looks that haven’t seen done here before.

IN: What take-away from the event inspired you to change in 2020?

DR: Seeing the talent from across the globe and aspiring to be that good! I loved so many of the cuts on a lot of the finalists, and as a result I definitely feel more confident in creating new styles and being more bold in the salon.

Priscilla Hume, Pump House Hair, 2019 Creative Colorist AUSNZ Gold Winner

INSTYLE: What did you take away from the experience that you’ve learnt professionally?

Priscilla Hume: Professionally I think I have learnt so much. Leading up to the live competition, the training involved definitely helped me in refining my skill set, both in precision cutting and colour application. Time management and being able to work efficiently under pressure were also a crucial part. I’ve been left with an even greater appreciation for our industry and the talented people that make it up.

IN: What did you take away creatively?

PH: Creatively I think I have been motivated to push myself more, and step further outside my comfort zone to really strive and take my hairdressing up a level.

Being surrounded by so many talented and passionate individuals has left me excited for the future. The inspiration of fashion forward colours and shapes was incredible and I can’t wait to take those ideas back to the salon and show my clients what’s coming up, and put what I’ve learnt into practice.

IN: Describe your overall experience

PH: Life changing! Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined entering a competition only to end up representing my country on a global platform on the other side of the world. Honestly, I think I’m still pinching myself.

From start to finish, this journey has been incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and inspiring hairdressers from all across the world.

The sheer size of Global Zoom left me speechless. Walking into a stadium, surrounded by thousands of supporters each cheering for their country, whilst I carried the Australian flag, it was like being at the hairdressers’ version of the Olympics. I could not have been more proud. It still gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Vienna itself was absolutely breathtaking.  A closing ceremony in the Hofburg Palace. There are no words to describe just how amazing that was, and I am so grateful and honoured for the entire experience.

IN: What was your favourite thing about your Color Zoom and Global Zoom experience?

PH: I don’t think I could list just one, there have been so many highlights throughout this whole adventure. The idea that you can have a competition that is open to anyone, all ages, all levels of experience, anywhere in the world, and then all come together in one place to compete in a live competition still astounds me. I’ve always loved that about Color Zoom. Anyone can enter.

Being the mum of 3 young boys and working in a smaller salon, Color Zoom gave me the opportunity to still have a creative and competitive outlet.

I hope that what I have now been able to achieve may help to inspire other young hairdressers to take a chance and push themselves, because you just never know what you are capable of until you do.

IN: What do you love most about the Goldwell network?

PH: Since working with Goldwell for the past 20 years, I love that this brand is constantly dedicated to being ahead of the trends, whether it is through upcoming fashion forward ideas, or products to use in the salon.

Goldwell is consistently coming up with new ways and ideas for stylists to stay connected across the world in order for us all to stay inspired and motivated by one another. Their endless support, both in and out of the salon has been phenomenal.

IN:  What inspires you most about travel?

PH: Being able to immerse myself in another culture is always inspiring, I think it somehow gets the creative juices flowing.I think travel encourages me to respect others more through a greater cultural understanding. Seeing how other people live and being open to new experiences. It also makes me appreciate what I have and reminds me of just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place!

IN: What take-away from the event inspired you to change in 2020?

PH: Winning Color Zoom and representing Australia was such a huge surprise, but it reminded me of just how much I can achieve with hard work and dedication.I’m motivated and excited for 2020, I feel like Global Zoom has reignited my passion for the industry on so many levels, and I’m looking forward to challenging myself more in the future.

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