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Goldwell Release Elemental Color Zoom 2018 Trend

Goldwell’s newest Color Zoom trend has one clear objective in mind – convey creativity in its purest form. The Creative team outline the shape, colour and texture details that elevate this aesthetic to the global stage.

Annual traditions in the hairdressing industry run the gamut, but an annual highlight always comes courtesy of Goldwell and their creativity-first, artistically bold Color Zoom competition, as well as its centric trend. This year, that trend is Elemental, a collection that fuses modern technology with a more inherent primal creativity. Anchored by the interplay of rawness and refinement, the contradiction of solidity and translucency, colour contrasts and modern, minimalistic shapes. Entrants will learn from the collection created by the Color Zoom ’18 Creative Team, previously debuted at Global Zoom Barcelona, and engage with the themes of progressiveness and past reflection to create their own Elemental looks.

As always, the collection expresses strong aesthetic ideas in terms of colour, shape and texture. In colour, muted pastels and rich earthy tones are vital, while transcluent techniques define the application style. Matte and unpolished tones merge with luminous surfaces, muted and shiny hues are used in conjunction with each other and metallic tones are forgone for new mineral shades. Depth, varying techniques and overlapping hues are key to the aesthetic.

Shape leads from a future-thinking perspective, derived from a minimalistic approach. Sophisticated and precise, the shapes centre around soft facets with jagged edges, while handcrafted shapes, unexpected irregularities and subtle asymmetry give the looks a unique point of difference.

Texturally, the collection is based on a free-form sense of texture, that incorporates proper styling elements infused with airiness. Elemental is influenced by the balance between raw and refined, both the result of skillful texturing. The airy techniques and self-made texture tend to a futuristic look.

The collection is the creation of the brand’s talented Creative Team, comprised of USA hairdressers Daniel Rubin of Global Winner for the Partner Category in 2016, Russia’s Sargis Airapetian, the 2016 Global Winner for the New Talent Category, Germany’s Sascha Haseloff, a Goldwell International Artist, Agnes Westerman, a Goldwell International Artist from the Netherlands and Australia’s own Larissa Bresnehan, the Global Winner of the Color Zoom Creative Category in 2016. The team offer a truly global perspective, basing their aesthetic on current fashion trends. The collection is made up of six main looks – Maisie, Ava, Raniya, Lea Sophia, Patricia and Kea – each interpreted in two different ways, and connected within the overarching aesthetic theme, despite their versatility.

The Color Zoom ’18 Creative Team

As such, the trend allows entrants to discover their own personal aesthetic, anchored by the core tenants of colour, shape and texture displayed in the global collection. Offering an opportunity to elevate your skill set, discover relevant trends and maybe win your way onto the next Creative Team, Goldwell Color Zoom is, once again, a necessary opportunity to pursue this year.

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